Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm sitting here, on my comfy sofa :) thinking away... what is a blog? but a collection of thoughts and ideas rounded up.

And I'm thinking to myself.... Am I boring?
Only as boring as I find myself... what do I mean? Well, if I find myself boring, there's not much for people to look forward to and in the end will find me boring as well. I'm only as boring or as interesting as I make myself out to be. Not in the sense that I'm going to outdo myself to not be boring but more in the sense that I just won't think of myself as boring.

I guess for the longest time in my life, I never really thought about it. So it left the possibility out there. I had never thought of myself as "cool" or "boring" or whatever. I was just me. Plain old me. I guess in a sense that's one take of "boringness" but "boring" as a descriptive term, I had never thought of. Then I went back to college, started hanging with a different group of people and for the first time in my life... people started telling me I was cool. It was really weird (kinda still is). I had never been one of the "cool" people, those you look up to and want to be around. Yet, all of a sudden I was one of them.

It truly took me aback. What was I doing that was getting people to like me and want to be around me... or well rather, think of me as "cool"? Nothing. I was acting the same as always, just being me.

Though I'll never understand what made that group of people find me cool, it seems to have spread some. In the sense that it wasn't just them anymore. I joined a social networking site, met people from all over and they found me cool as well. Maybe it's the younger age group, maybe they use the term more loosely now-a-days. Maybe it no longer has the same meaning that it did back in my day (lol yeah, that makes me feel old lol). Whichever it is, it's all good I guess. This is in no way being said in a boasting manner, just to let you in on how my perception is...
And from all this "cool" talk, like people literally telling me that I'm cool maybe it's from there that it stems my thinking of myself as boring. LOL Go figure! From people giving me compliments to others not particularly stating that I'm cool.. is it from there that I take myself to be boring? lol who knows. *shrugs*

On such days as this one, where I'm just sitting around not really doing anything, things don't really tend to stick out much, so off the bat I think "oh I have no life" or "I have no friends" or "I never do anything" and where that last one might be kinda close to home, it's the times when I actually do go out that after the fact it's like I'm hit with the realization that "hey! I friends, what the hell?" and "I do go out!" though not often, but I do :) and "yes, I do have a life!"

So with all of this I was thinking of my website which needs to be moved so I can have more space and my blog which doesn't real "go" anywhere from lack of posts 'cuz I don't really remember to write on it. And the lack of comment postings is kinda sucky as well. I was thinking back some, to other blogs I've had in the past which were fruitful but are now extinct due to the provider closing shop. And if those blog entries attracted people even thought they were just a gathering of my daily activities, why oh why couldn't I do the same now?
Also, reading back what I just wrote, I figure I'll add it here.. for many years people have told me I was weird. And I've accepted this as true, it's one of the things I take pride in. That is, my "weirdness" ^_^ Hell, my nickname's been "Creature" since 1992 and I'm proud of that! So, I'm thinking this "coolness" people see in me, could it be that "weird" is the new "cool". I guess to some extent, that's probably it. Though some weird will always remain weird.
And I'm happy for that! I like being unique :)

Umm... so with that out of the way, I was thinking of what I could possibly write about. My day to day life at work? LOL I think not, that would be boring. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. But it'd become redundant all too fast. I may at some point list a "best of" in regards to it, keeping it short and sweet but that's for another day and time.
I was thinking I could talk about my outings. Although few, they are usually very enjoyable. With the summer being here I feel like spending so much time outdoors but kinda lack that kick in the arse *_* and then I thought to myself, on most days off... what am I doing? I'm online. Well, what do I do online? Many things, and in all the things I do, some things are worth a mention. It's those things I think I'll
write most about. For a matter of reasons, it's good to keep a log if you will, of things you do, kinda to reminisce later on. Keep those memories fresh. Some things may be more just for my personal enjoyment but also for you, who happens to stumble across my blog and who knows, might get a kick out of what you read/see.

So that's that for my little blurb, if you will :)
I'm going to keep it to one "event" per post, 'cuz let's face it. I ramble. LOL

Until next time my fine feathered friend!
This bug is off to eat lettuce ^_^