Friday, May 27, 2011

last one!!

Last shift of the week and the a 4-day weekend!! Woohooo!! I'm super eager. This'll be a jam-packed actiony weekend ^^
Tomorrow, or rather later today I'll be going out with Chris again, she's still on the lookout for shoes. She was able to find the dress and skirt she was looking for in the right size, that's always good *nods*
Saturday I take my lil' Drago to the vet XD hehehe that sounds so wrong lol I'll actually just be going with him to the vet with Mia for the first time. Then I get to pop on over and play with Mia for a bit.. While I also give my lil' Drago a peace offering because I plagued him D8 I ish a bad plague rat *hangs head in shame* Told him it would be a burnt peace offering hehehe I made banana bread *nods* it got a tad on the crispy side, I've made it before but I'm thinking last time I took it out slightly before the time indicated in the recipe.
Afterwards, I'll be heading over to Sylvie's (my co-worker) for supper and to sleep over. Free museum day is on Sunday, I'll be going with her, her bf and her mom. I get to see "mom" again ^^ I lubs her ♥
Come Monday, I'll be going out with my mouman ♥ We were originally just going to eat out, but she mentioned watching a movie. Therefore, grub and a movie, it's a date! I love my mouman *nods*

How am I doing otherwise? Well, I'm still a plague rat.. My cough has being kind of annoying. It's not so much hoarking up but like, if I breathe in deeply or suddenly take a breath I choke and cough *rolls eyes* I don't really consider this "better" oy vay *shakes head*
How about emotion-wise? Hmm.. I'm a lot better that I was on the 15th and during that week.. I ended up changing my own fb status because my ex was never doing it and to see it there was just like adding a weight on me. To have something saying one thing, but knowing it's untrue and won't be becoming true again.. I needed to keep on healing instead of constantly taking steps back. I think I've probably mentioned this already, but I don't remember. *ish tired*
I think, I've coming to terms with what happened. I've accepted it. I'm no longer in denial and I'm healing.
It's good to not be alone or feel alone during these times and even when I'm home with no friends around, I still don't feel lonely. Kayla is here with me and I'm just happy ^^

Omg.. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I finally got Kayla her kitty condo.. and *is oober thankful* she hasn't done her claws in the couch since! WOOHOO!! I have high hopes that I'll be able to patch the shredded couch arms without her coming around to reek havoc once more! *dies of happiness*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

pretty skies..

It's been raining a lot lately, but for the past few days, at least while I'm awake, it's really pretty outside. *nods* I'm happy to see the sun and blue skies, it makes it not depressing. I've been doing good, keeping my mind on other things recently. Makes me feel better, and not dwell on things that make me sad. I likes being happy, I does!!
I went to spend my Sunday and Monday with Chris (my best friend), laptop-free and was able to just relax and have fun. It felt really good.
I was finally able to get Kayla's new kitty condo (she's very happy) and I seemed to have gone slightly insane and fallen in love with a jean skirt and a pair of high heeled-type shoes.. For anyone that knows me, they know this is insanity! lol I've never fallen for a shoe before D8 let alone high heels which are my mortal enemy haha

I'll post pics up soon.. of Kayla and her condo, and well as my new loves ^^

This weekend is also a 4-day weekend. I'll be going shopping with Chris again, hopefully I won't spend any more money.. oh but I need to get a microwave because I live in the caveman age and have yet to own one haha but apart from that, I hope I don't spend any more money.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I hope it'll be nice so I can finally get off my lazy butt and go out and do something.. anything will do. Even if it's just a walk to Mont-Royal (it's a good 2.5hr walk from here hehe). I'm happy because I have finally found someone to walk the Mont-Royal with me >.< I don't know about this weekend, if he's not sick anymore.. This plague rat made him sick T^T poor lil' Drago =[
Maybe I want to wait to be a little better first. But ya, and.. I'm also eager to dust off my PS3 and play some Assassin's Creed <3 much love ^^

Oh so many things to look forward to this weekend =]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

break in the clouds..

Does that mean the rain will let up? Nope... it's getting dark again *sigh* Just sitting around listening to music.. was looking for a song on youtube, I couldn't remember the name nor all of the lyrics yet I had the tune and a few of the words. Come to think of it, I never found the song I was looking for, what I did find however was a song that fits me or rather my current situation almost to a "T" it's called "Something I Said" by SafetySuit.

I'm so confused, I must be losing it
this can't be right
I never knew that you could choose to love someone then change your mind
So I just wonder why and was it
something I said

you tell me once,
you tell me twice,
you tell me three times more
tell me everything I want to hear and nothing more
cause you know
I am on your side
No matter what you do
With every consequence, it's your defense on why it's mine
And I could take it if I knew
just why I waste my time with you so
I just have to find out
Was it something I said to you
And was it something we can't work through
and was it something I made you do
or was that something you

so let me ask you
I just have to know that you're not mine
Do you feel free?
Have what you need?
Or do you still feel scared inside?
Cause I am on the line
and don't know what to do
No you know I am on the line so
Was it something I said to you
And was it something we can't work through
and was it something I made you do
or was that something you

Sometimes I'm bold and brash
and sometimes I'm prone to crash
And sometimes I say too much
and sometimes it's not enough
but I'll never hold you back
from something you want so bad
Just tell me so I'm not sad
was it something I said

something I said to you
and was it something we can't work through
and was it something I made you do
or was it something I said to you
was it something that we just can't work through
something you


And then, you know how there's that sidebar thingie on youtube.. Well there was another song from the same group and so I clicked on it. I mean, why not right? But here it is, still kind of expressing how I feel.. I've started thinking sometimes maybe this way is best, yet I'm not ready to give up just yet so I can't say it.
"Down" - SafetySuit

I sat by the phone today
waiting for you to call so I
could pick it up and say hello to you
and you would say hello to me
Just like my dreams
Is there a reason why you're gone?
I didn't mean to be so wrong
and I tried so hard to be the best that I could be
but still it seems
I always end up alone
Is there something inside me that I don't see?
Is there something wrong here with the way I love?

You can't hold me down
cause when no one is around
I won't be standing here
Just waiting for you to come back home again

You can't hold me down
because I finally understand
that what you did is
not so bad in fact,
it's better for me

Did I not give you enough room?
Was I overtaking you?
And did my love for you just blind me
from what I was doing wrong
I never meant you harm
Or was I not good enough for you?
Is that the reason why we're through?
Was I not half the [*wo]man you thought that I would be
But now you see?
Is that why you leave me?
Is there something inside me that I don't see?
Is there something wrong here with the way I love?

You can't hold me down
cause when no one is around
I won't be standing here
just waiting for you to come back home again

You can't hold me down
because I finally understand
that what you did is not so bad
in fact it's better for me

and Lord knows I try
to bring back my dreams
cause I held onto yours for so long that I couldn't hold my own

you can't hold me down
cause when no one is around
I won't be standing here
waiting for you to come back home to me

you can't hold me down
because I finally understand
that what you did is
not so bad in fact it's better for me

you can't hold me down again
you can't hold me down

you can't hold me down again


Sunday, May 15, 2011

fun day, horrible night..

Still a little plague rat, though no longer contagious. I went out Saturday with my lil' Drago to what was supposed to be a "quick" trip to the SPCA and then to Walmarde to pick up some much needed kitty supplies. Quick trips to the SPCA have never been short in my lifetime and that didn't change saturday either >.< We stayed until 5pm but it was extremely fun and Raine has become a daddy for the 1st time!! He got a cute little kitty, almost all black with a few white spots. She's tooo cute ♥ and we will go pick her up either Monday or Tuesday. We both left very happy.. I think happy is an understatement... Raine was extatic X3 hehe
So, today we set out to get kitty supplies. This is his first kitty so we got a litter box and ear wipes and toys and food. We'll be picking up the litter on Monday, same as the pet carrier. It was really fun, I always have fun with Raine ^^ I'll be going with him to pick up Mia (he's named her that =3) and then we'll take her home and play.. and then I'll have to go work Dx beurk... working on a Monday night.. how atrocious D8

So, home later today and well.. I spoke to my bf.. if you could even call it that.. he's been dodgy for 2 weeks now. Moreso, since our spat last Tuesday when I was feverish and asked him to do something for me and well.. it kind of exploded.. he hadn't really been talking much to me all week. If he'd log on to msn, he'd barely speak to me. He said we needed to talk but he would wait for me to get better. I was leaving the issue alone.. although it hurt me, I knew if he wanted to talk to me maybe I was looking into things too much. I wasn't. The way he briefly "spoke" to me on msn tonight was all too obvious. But we wouldn't see each other until next Saturday? So, I pushed and asked regardless and he called me.. and tells me he still loves me but doesn't know what to do anymore because I shattered his heart when I said I couldn't rely on him. He says he knows I didn't mean it, but it hurt and so much so that he doesn't know what to do anymore. So, friends we'll remain and maybe with time he'll get over it and want to work things out. Just like maybe in time, he might not and it'll end at that. Do I want to break up? No, I don't. He says he doesn't want to either and still loves me.. but is breaking up with me anyways. Why is love so fickle?
I think I feel better knowing that it's over rather than having to fret for another week not knowing, doubting and that would probably be more heart-renching in the long run.. Still, I hurt now, and can't help but cry. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

plague rat complains...

Here sits (or rather) lies the plague rat.. unable to sleep and starving beyond belief. It's a good sign, I suppose, that my appetite is finally back.. The downside however is that it's keeping me from sleeping, something I desperately need to do if I want to be functional to work tonight and also if I want to keep getting better. I've had a few setbacks the past few days, having to stay up until 8am to take my antibiotics and my mom's been dropping by after work to bring her little plague rat (me) some much needed things like 7up to calm my poor tummy. Only flat 7up seems to kind of work, but I'm not complaining.. ok maybe I am a bit.. I wish it could get flatter faster!! haha So, I've had to stay up longer, like almost 9am. But then, yesterday with the whole window washers that made so much ruckus I couldn't fall asleep until sometime after 2:30pm I've been lacking sleep. Staying up so long has kind of taken a toll on my body.. like today after my mom came by again I couldn't fall right back asleep. I remember it was somewhere close to noon where I fell asleep... but then, there's this fluffy fur ball that waited until i had been asleep for oh a good 30mins and then decided to come wake me up and to make sure i was awake she climbed on my shoulder and started licking my ear while purring loudly and it tiiiiickled and so i awoke.. and then she left =[ but since then, I've tried as I might and can no longer sleep. =_= Don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm not tired.. I'm exhausted! But my tummy keeps me awake... It's eating itself out again D8 OMG I'm sooooo HUNGRY!! After about an hour of still not being able to fall asleep (by this time it was 2:45pm) I decided to make congee.. The time I rinse the rice, let it stand in water 15mins and the cook it 45mins-60mins it would be 4pm (time for my antibiotics). It's 3:43pm at the moment.. I can smell the rice cooking.. my tummy is squirming with pain =S It's to be chicken congee, but I've yet to prepare the chicken as I was too tired to stay standing... The way I am now, I may just eat the congee as is. Plain, white and soupy lol. It's Jasmine rice, I love the stuff. I can eat it normally by itself. Om nom nom. Ray never understands how I can just eat it like that (in a bowl with a spoon/fork). It's so nummy! I'm gonna go check on it real quick as I can hear it boiling... Well, that was probably one of THE stupidist things I could've ever done. It's an electric rice cooker, with an element inside.. Here I am, can hear it boiling loudly.. I don't unplug.. I just open the lid =S dumbass I be *nods* it boiled over in mere seconds. I shut it as fast as I could.. unplugged it just in case.. I'm crossing my fingers that no water spilled to the element or it's goodbai cooker and it's one of my most prized posessions T-T It was free, but I love it non the less! *nods* The fright it gave me resulted in a coughing fit.. boy I love those >.> I can still hear it boiling so I won't go back to check on it until the whole thing simmers down. With how hungry I am right now, ready or not I think I'm scarfing it down.

Edit: I've just checked the status of my congee... looks like gruel lol I think it's done.. and so far it doesn't seem as tho any water has leaked to the depths within.. but I'll only be able to know for sure one the pot is cooled and I can then remove it. *crossing fingers that all is well*

the plague rat does not give up!! (May 13th am)

Being feverish and whatnot the past few day has really gotten it's toll on me. The fever having subsided in the morning of Wednesday, you'd have thought maybe I could've gained some appetite back. Unfortunately such was not the case. Oy vay. All I could manage to eat was the probiotic yogurt the doctor recommended I eat so my diarrhea would cease. Even though it's a flavour I usually - under healthy conditions - love, I was having problems with the taste and keep telling myself I like it and I must eat it. Other than that, I've tried to eat chicken noodle soup.. oh I succeeded but it took me well over 10hrs to eat it.. yeah, I'd think that'd pretty bad. It seems like everything I try to eat is "too" something. If it would normally have a hint of sweetness, right now it's too sweet. Sour? Too sour, salty? Well, you get the picture. My mom passed by and gave me some croissants and 7up yesterday morning.. It took me over 3hrs to be able to finish 1 croissant.. I started on another and couldn't even get halfway through it.. too buttery =_= 7up I can't get it down 'cuz it's too bubbly T-T not so bad once it went flat... although it's a bit too sweet. I tried tea... I was never able to finish my 1 cup of my favourite tea.. It's roasted walnut. The aroma of it was soothing but I could do nothing more than take miniscule sips.. I've been drinking water and it tastes HORRIBLE D8

I was ok until last night. Although my appetite hadn't completely return, still kind of hasn't, there's only so long your body can go before you feel your tummy starting to eat itself >.> I knew I'd have to eat eventually, almost dreading it. Not because I don't want to eat but simply because whenever I start eating something well... I get the urge to upchuck because the taste is too whatever.. I was looking through my "Chinese Kitchen" cook book because it has some family recipes that were used for healing certains types of sickness. Nothing big, but like um recipes that'll help relieve coughs, loosen phlegm.. things that have been affecting this here plague rat as of late. There were recipes for congee which is basically a very watered down rice that's cooked for long hours, like 3-4 yet it's good for giving strength and being rice it's easy to digest. They had 3 recipes in the book but mentioned that white congee was good if you had no appetite and were getting over an illness.. Unfortunately, that one was not in there. Sure, I might have just been able to follow one of the other recipes and just not add other ingredients but I like to be consistent with recipes so I decided to look online.

I've never been happier than to have found the site I did. It's called "Homemade Chinese Soups It's Magical!" I've completely fallen in love with Phoebe the author of the website. Simply because not only does she have loads of soups and congees but everything is so simple. So easy to understand, well described and very fun to read. She also lists what some of the recipes are good for, again if loss of appetite, getting over illness, want to loose weight, etc.. there are some examples given like how her grandmother made her a soup without her saying anything when she was sick, without appetite and would've rather just sit there and sulk,but she was like "oh fine I'll just eat a spoonful to make her happy" but then ended up eating the whole bowl because of the effect the soup had on her. The warmth of it and everything, it warmed her tummy and made her feel a bit better. Like magic! I've saved the recipe, it actually looks nummy. I found a recipe for chicken congee and asked my mom to bring some too as she was already going to stop by after work. While I was searching, I must've spent a good 3hrs or more on that site. I started desperately searching for something I could make to eat as soon as work finished with what I had on hand. My tummy I could swear was seriously starting to eat itself inside out! I found recipes for egg drop soup, so easy to make and not time consuming at all. That's something else I love about Phoebe - I haven't actually met her, but it's like there's all this gratitude towards her I can't find myself to call her merely "the website girl" - she doesn't like things that are time consuming. Her recipes for congee, about an hour cooking time. There are 3 consistencies.. She tells you how much water to use for each. And then you can always play with it afterwards to reach the right level you want. But I digress.. egg drop soup, I found a recipe for egg drop and corn soup. OK, sure, it calls for fresh corn on the cob and you remove your own kernels... so I used canned corn kernel the taste would probably be a tad different but you use what you have, right?

Here I am, STARVING, yet having fun making soup X3 only me *nods* if you beat you eggs before putting them in and then use chopsticks and kind of pour the eggs through the chopsticks into your pot it makes funky cool eggie flowers =3 haha see, I said I was having fun! And the best part about all this is.... *drum roll please* it's the FIRST thing I can ACTUALLY EAT!! It doesn't taste "too" anything. It's just right!! And it feels so warm and soothing in my tummy ^_^

the nummiest soup ever to hit a very empty tummy:

This here is one happy plague rat, on the road to recovery with a FULL tummy!! =3

Whuzzat?? (May 12th 2011)

Browsing away on fb and one of my friends posted the cutest shoes <3 she wants the pink variety, i like the brownish ones better.. they're the Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals Teddy Bear.. the front view is oh, just a tad creepy as in it's gonna come alive and hug me to death pedobear style, but sideways and from a distance they're oober cute. Wearing them tho, I couldn't really guarantee I'd do that (assuming I'd have the cash to buy them)... How much for this cuddly-looking shoe? From what I've seen so far, we're looking at a good $300something.. *jaw drops open* well.. they are adidas, does anything brandname ever come cheap? Still, that's one expensive teddy!!

I went looking around, and while I was searching (read: straying off elsewhere) as is so common to me.. I found the website "". They have some funky looking shoes, some just plain weird and some really cute ones. These, I'd probably wear (if I could afford them) and maybe these as well

Other than that tho... these were kinda cool but a bit too yellow for me
So here I sit, browsing thru what seems to be an endless list of shoes/sneakers and boots.. There are a few nice ones along the way..while some I just can't put in words "o_O" probably best explains them lol

I love this blue <3

What were they thinking... and would anyone really wear this? I always thought "Ughs" were uuuuugly! but... I may have just met their match O_o

Hello Kitty =3 they have a few variations, I'd have to say these are one of my favs

Is it just me... or does this shoe look uncomfortable? (let alone weird)

When life gives you lemons.... make shoes?

I don't know.. I've never been very big on pink.. but these are kind of cute, appealing? pleasing to the eye?my eye *nods* Maybe it's the blue with the pink, I do love me a nice blooo and it seems to work well in contrast with this pink as well as the black that kind of keeps it all in balance. Me likes *nods*

Hahahahahahaha anything for the starwars freak I guess lol
Yet another starwars shoe, although this one seems less "out there" so to speak and are really quite simple I guess compared to the last ones..

Aye, fer de leprachaun in yew... they could've added an embroidered 4 leaf clover on it or something.. why just green? Makes it feel kind of bland..

I can't tell if these are studded... or if they've been bedazzled... Studs might look cool with a smoother looking shoe, this just looks "ein" to me.

Ah the "gourmet"... wait, does that mean they're eatable? hahaha

Caution: Never wear following shoe near or in a dog park.
I wonder if anyone's ever lost a bone to a dog lol Still, you can't blame a dog for chewing on these shoes lol

Something about these shoes... either pair, these and the blue and red ones... make me want to go play with blocks... I can't place why.. they just do.. legos even..

More hello kitties.. I find these hella cute

Adidas meets hotwheels!! haha

This is actually... kinda nice. I love the blue (how not surprising!), but the boot shape and style both look kinda nice. And by kinda nice, I really mean I like 'em and would probably wear these (if I could afford them)

These are almost 80-looking enough for me to say I might know someone who'd wear them XD and oh and these... but maybe with a bit more purple on them

The now-infamous teddy sneakers again...
with that very creepy front view...
unt ze pink ones

As soon as I saw these... *shakes fist* I can't get the song out of my head "the poka dot door, the poka dot door, see you soon at the poka dot door. with friends and stories and so much more at the poka dot door, the poka dot door" *exasperated sigh*

Crayola FUN!! XD haha no, not really.. but kinda preschool colours, kinda? Actually... take off that light blue and darken that green a bit and you've got yourself a McKid's lunchbag!! lol

These are...kinda futuristic, girlie...yet cute. I kind of like them.. wouldn't be caught dead in them, but i like them *nods*

Also like these ones...
I can't shake the feeling that I've seen these somewhere before.. they're cute... maybe the pink is getting to me D8 I may just know someone who has a pair and seen them wear 'em before... but for some reason I can't shake the image of having seen Card Captor Sakura wear something similar =3

While I was browsing along trying to find where I had seen those shoes (or similar shoes) before I stumbled upon this woohoo more crafts <333

and here I was closing up windows and I almost missed this...
It's like a... colour-your-own shoe contest *nods* There are some pretty nifty designs. If any of you have a creative streak, are in a procrastinating mode and live in either Australia or New Zealand, I'd say give it a go *nods*

Here's the official contest site with a few of my favs ^^ <3 very nice!! love the peacock! <3 me likes ^^

Thursday, May 12, 2011

greetings from the plague rat...

After 3 long feverish days (99.6F - 100.7F) I'm happy to say this plague rat is finally on the road to recovery (I hope). Antibiotics in tow, appetite not yet found and everything tastes funny =_= still I'm not giving up! I passed the last two days sleeping constantly with only breaks being to take my antibiotics and well... pee.. I hadn't slept so much in so long and yet it felt so good I could've kept on going. The only set back of being non-feverish.. is that I have to work. And so, here I am. Boy am I tired! This little plague rat needs some shut eye! *nods*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

feeling under the weather...

I guess it's that time of year again where it seems everyone gets sick. Unfortunately I seem to not have been spared. It started somewhere last night in the form of diarrhea and has continued well into today. I'm experience "heat waves" if you can call it that, followed by a rush to the washroom and then major chills. I'm currently in another one of those "heat waves". Head is pounding, I'm crossing my fingers hoping my allergy meds will kick in soon. Because of course the trees absolutely needed to bug me this year. It's like an on-off thing, I'm allergic to trees (especially when they're budding) the 1st year it was really bad, some years I'm not affected at all but this year it's decided to come at me again. Ugh. Headaches, congestion, itchy eyelids, hives even T-T and now my body's fighting a virus. Yipee! D8 It's weird tho, I obviously have a fever, my head's burning up. Take my temperature... a mere 96.9F O.o say what? Make that 96.3F just took it again. Ok, so I'm feeling worse but my temp is getting lower? Is that normal?? Confused girl over here *waves arm in the air* I'm too hot again... layers come off... I think I'll take my mom's advice and call in sick tonight. I've been up since 6am... it's now 11am.. If I can't sleep soon I'll be dead come my shift tonight. I work night shift.. 9pm-7am they should be ok.. usually about 6 people on Tuesdays, hopefully it won't be busy for them. Hate to cut it short, but I'm off to visit the crystal bowl once more ]=

Monday, May 2, 2011

pink skies

It's 5:38am and I'm sitting on my sofa kinda tired but I've yet to go to bed. Kissyface (Kayla, my furrbaby) is looking all cute and cuddly, curled up on my treadmill... the one she uses more than I do.. I suck at exercising *shakes head* The sky is pink outside and kind of blue-ish I hope it's another sunny day today. Sunny and warm! Sunny and warm!! I don't want the snow to come back.. I know, I know, it's only May 2nd... it's snowed in June before but I'm hoping against it. Ah Montreal weather.. it's crazy and all over the place D8 lol

I could be wondering what I'm still doing up. I mean, I finished my drama almost an hour ago but yet it's like something is stopping me from getting up off my lazy tuckus and dragging meself to bed. So, if I'm just gonna sit here and read blogs or putz around playing cityville on fb hell I might as well write another entry ^^ maybe I'll make up for all the ones I've skipped out on hehe

I just finished watching a Korean drama called "Pasta". It's really cute and it's about this new chef that comes to work at a restaurant and he fires all the female cooks because he refuses to work with female cooks. Except there's one set back. No matter how often he fires her, there's one cook who keeps coming back. It's like the cat who came back the very next day. Nothing he does can get rid of her. She's too cute. Lovable character. Watching this drama made me crave pashgetti so much lol I actually started cooking some. Poor Ray, my bf, my guinea piggie in all my cooking tryouts lol he'll eat anything I make, but I know he really dislikes Italian food and he had to eat some anyways ^^ Still, he liked it so I be happy *nods*

He's finally done his semester and he's been trying to find new shows to watch online and not having much luck. I've been bugging him and suggesting Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas. He finally gave in, partly anyways. Yesterday or um rather the day before he told me if I could find him some Chinese historical dramas preferably in Mandarin then he'd be open to the idea. Cantonese was ok but only if they'd have subs. So I put my fingers to work and found him a few choices and he's started to watch Legend of the Condor Heroes and likes it lots. He's so into it he wanted me to watch it with him (we're each at our respective homes) and he's like "there's a lot of cute guys in it.. if that doesn't get you to watch it I don't know what will" lol He knows me so well <3 Still I wanted to finish "Pasta" before starting it, so unfortunately when he comes over later I won't be able to continue watching it with him.. we'll just have to settle on a movie because there's no way I can watch 7 episodes if I ever want to sleep lol I laugh, but as I'm sitting here, I'm actually starting to contemplate watching the drama *ponders some more*

I better get to bed soon... I'm starting to have cravings for cookies and I'm thinking I should've just made melonpan because I know how nummy those were last time, but again.. no eggs left hmm and the only cookies in the house are those gross baking soda ones bleurk.. ok I'm off to bed.. I hope 8D

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm a little lost when in the kitchen. Some people seem to have this "creative" side to them, like they'll be standing in the kitchen and with what they see before them, they can totally whip up something nummy. I on the other hand, can be staring at things and no idea will ever come to me, very very rarely am I hit with a thought of something to make (I think it's happened once in all my life). It's kind of annoying only because I'd sometimes like to be able to make something without having to rely on someone else, or on the internet or a book or whatever. But I'm not that creative. Still, give me a recipe and I can make something nummy (at least there's that haha). Recently, maybe because I've been cooking a lot more lately, I sometimes think about things I can mix within the recipe and thus adding a little of my own touch. *pats self on back*
I try to follow recipes to a T. And I did this with a recipe just now for "Nonna's cookies" aka grandmother's cookies... omg it's got to be the worst cookies I've EVER made & eaten.. I nearly gagged. I was trying to find a recipe similar to the cookies my nonna used to make. She never passed her recipe on and unfortunately is no longer here to show me how she'd make them. Her cookies and her pizza dough recipes, lost into oblivion. Still, I've been able to find some good pizza dough recipes (from scratch), it's the cookies I'm having problems with. *sigh* and now I'm stuck with a container full of god awful cookies that I doubt a dog would even want to eat. bleurk Yet I can't bring myself to throw them out 'cuz that'd be wasting food. Makes me wonder what I could possible do to salvage them. It's weird cuz they're exploding with the taste of baking soda but I put the amount they specified.

Oh good grief, I realized my error... I'm here re-reading the recipe.. they asked for baking powder... maybe that's why they taste so bad *gag* I put the right amount but I put baking soda instead of baking powder. It seemed a little odd to me that the recipe called for 3 tsp of baking soda 'cuz I'm used to putting a lot less when recipes indicate it.. I should really learn not to cook/bake when I'm tired. Last time I cooked when tired I burnt a pot :S that was a first ever..

I'll have to try remaking them properly next time. Obviously not now, as I'm all out of eggs... this recipe took my last 3. But I'm gonna make one slight change. They say to make icing and pour it on top the cookies are baked. But I remembered as the cookies were baking that my nonna used to just sprinkle powdered sugar on them first, press in a half maraschino cherry or sprinkle with sparkles candy and then bake 'em. *nods*
I'm kind of eager to try this recipe out again soon... like almost to the point of going out in the morning and buying more eggs haha and I think I'd cut the amount of flour because 3 cups seemed like too much as well.

Anyone have any ideas what I can do with baking soda flavoured cookies?