Friday, May 13, 2011

Whuzzat?? (May 12th 2011)

Browsing away on fb and one of my friends posted the cutest shoes <3 she wants the pink variety, i like the brownish ones better.. they're the Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals Teddy Bear.. the front view is oh, just a tad creepy as in it's gonna come alive and hug me to death pedobear style, but sideways and from a distance they're oober cute. Wearing them tho, I couldn't really guarantee I'd do that (assuming I'd have the cash to buy them)... How much for this cuddly-looking shoe? From what I've seen so far, we're looking at a good $300something.. *jaw drops open* well.. they are adidas, does anything brandname ever come cheap? Still, that's one expensive teddy!!

I went looking around, and while I was searching (read: straying off elsewhere) as is so common to me.. I found the website "". They have some funky looking shoes, some just plain weird and some really cute ones. These, I'd probably wear (if I could afford them) and maybe these as well

Other than that tho... these were kinda cool but a bit too yellow for me
So here I sit, browsing thru what seems to be an endless list of shoes/sneakers and boots.. There are a few nice ones along the way..while some I just can't put in words "o_O" probably best explains them lol

I love this blue <3

What were they thinking... and would anyone really wear this? I always thought "Ughs" were uuuuugly! but... I may have just met their match O_o

Hello Kitty =3 they have a few variations, I'd have to say these are one of my favs

Is it just me... or does this shoe look uncomfortable? (let alone weird)

When life gives you lemons.... make shoes?

I don't know.. I've never been very big on pink.. but these are kind of cute, appealing? pleasing to the eye?my eye *nods* Maybe it's the blue with the pink, I do love me a nice blooo and it seems to work well in contrast with this pink as well as the black that kind of keeps it all in balance. Me likes *nods*

Hahahahahahaha anything for the starwars freak I guess lol
Yet another starwars shoe, although this one seems less "out there" so to speak and are really quite simple I guess compared to the last ones..

Aye, fer de leprachaun in yew... they could've added an embroidered 4 leaf clover on it or something.. why just green? Makes it feel kind of bland..

I can't tell if these are studded... or if they've been bedazzled... Studs might look cool with a smoother looking shoe, this just looks "ein" to me.

Ah the "gourmet"... wait, does that mean they're eatable? hahaha

Caution: Never wear following shoe near or in a dog park.
I wonder if anyone's ever lost a bone to a dog lol Still, you can't blame a dog for chewing on these shoes lol

Something about these shoes... either pair, these and the blue and red ones... make me want to go play with blocks... I can't place why.. they just do.. legos even..

More hello kitties.. I find these hella cute

Adidas meets hotwheels!! haha

This is actually... kinda nice. I love the blue (how not surprising!), but the boot shape and style both look kinda nice. And by kinda nice, I really mean I like 'em and would probably wear these (if I could afford them)

These are almost 80-looking enough for me to say I might know someone who'd wear them XD and oh and these... but maybe with a bit more purple on them

The now-infamous teddy sneakers again...
with that very creepy front view...
unt ze pink ones

As soon as I saw these... *shakes fist* I can't get the song out of my head "the poka dot door, the poka dot door, see you soon at the poka dot door. with friends and stories and so much more at the poka dot door, the poka dot door" *exasperated sigh*

Crayola FUN!! XD haha no, not really.. but kinda preschool colours, kinda? Actually... take off that light blue and darken that green a bit and you've got yourself a McKid's lunchbag!! lol

These are...kinda futuristic, girlie...yet cute. I kind of like them.. wouldn't be caught dead in them, but i like them *nods*

Also like these ones...
I can't shake the feeling that I've seen these somewhere before.. they're cute... maybe the pink is getting to me D8 I may just know someone who has a pair and seen them wear 'em before... but for some reason I can't shake the image of having seen Card Captor Sakura wear something similar =3

While I was browsing along trying to find where I had seen those shoes (or similar shoes) before I stumbled upon this woohoo more crafts <333

and here I was closing up windows and I almost missed this...
It's like a... colour-your-own shoe contest *nods* There are some pretty nifty designs. If any of you have a creative streak, are in a procrastinating mode and live in either Australia or New Zealand, I'd say give it a go *nods*

Here's the official contest site with a few of my favs ^^ <3 very nice!! love the peacock! <3 me likes ^^

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