Friday, May 13, 2011

plague rat complains...

Here sits (or rather) lies the plague rat.. unable to sleep and starving beyond belief. It's a good sign, I suppose, that my appetite is finally back.. The downside however is that it's keeping me from sleeping, something I desperately need to do if I want to be functional to work tonight and also if I want to keep getting better. I've had a few setbacks the past few days, having to stay up until 8am to take my antibiotics and my mom's been dropping by after work to bring her little plague rat (me) some much needed things like 7up to calm my poor tummy. Only flat 7up seems to kind of work, but I'm not complaining.. ok maybe I am a bit.. I wish it could get flatter faster!! haha So, I've had to stay up longer, like almost 9am. But then, yesterday with the whole window washers that made so much ruckus I couldn't fall asleep until sometime after 2:30pm I've been lacking sleep. Staying up so long has kind of taken a toll on my body.. like today after my mom came by again I couldn't fall right back asleep. I remember it was somewhere close to noon where I fell asleep... but then, there's this fluffy fur ball that waited until i had been asleep for oh a good 30mins and then decided to come wake me up and to make sure i was awake she climbed on my shoulder and started licking my ear while purring loudly and it tiiiiickled and so i awoke.. and then she left =[ but since then, I've tried as I might and can no longer sleep. =_= Don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm not tired.. I'm exhausted! But my tummy keeps me awake... It's eating itself out again D8 OMG I'm sooooo HUNGRY!! After about an hour of still not being able to fall asleep (by this time it was 2:45pm) I decided to make congee.. The time I rinse the rice, let it stand in water 15mins and the cook it 45mins-60mins it would be 4pm (time for my antibiotics). It's 3:43pm at the moment.. I can smell the rice cooking.. my tummy is squirming with pain =S It's to be chicken congee, but I've yet to prepare the chicken as I was too tired to stay standing... The way I am now, I may just eat the congee as is. Plain, white and soupy lol. It's Jasmine rice, I love the stuff. I can eat it normally by itself. Om nom nom. Ray never understands how I can just eat it like that (in a bowl with a spoon/fork). It's so nummy! I'm gonna go check on it real quick as I can hear it boiling... Well, that was probably one of THE stupidist things I could've ever done. It's an electric rice cooker, with an element inside.. Here I am, can hear it boiling loudly.. I don't unplug.. I just open the lid =S dumbass I be *nods* it boiled over in mere seconds. I shut it as fast as I could.. unplugged it just in case.. I'm crossing my fingers that no water spilled to the element or it's goodbai cooker and it's one of my most prized posessions T-T It was free, but I love it non the less! *nods* The fright it gave me resulted in a coughing fit.. boy I love those >.> I can still hear it boiling so I won't go back to check on it until the whole thing simmers down. With how hungry I am right now, ready or not I think I'm scarfing it down.

Edit: I've just checked the status of my congee... looks like gruel lol I think it's done.. and so far it doesn't seem as tho any water has leaked to the depths within.. but I'll only be able to know for sure one the pot is cooled and I can then remove it. *crossing fingers that all is well*

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