Wednesday, May 25, 2011

pretty skies..

It's been raining a lot lately, but for the past few days, at least while I'm awake, it's really pretty outside. *nods* I'm happy to see the sun and blue skies, it makes it not depressing. I've been doing good, keeping my mind on other things recently. Makes me feel better, and not dwell on things that make me sad. I likes being happy, I does!!
I went to spend my Sunday and Monday with Chris (my best friend), laptop-free and was able to just relax and have fun. It felt really good.
I was finally able to get Kayla's new kitty condo (she's very happy) and I seemed to have gone slightly insane and fallen in love with a jean skirt and a pair of high heeled-type shoes.. For anyone that knows me, they know this is insanity! lol I've never fallen for a shoe before D8 let alone high heels which are my mortal enemy haha

I'll post pics up soon.. of Kayla and her condo, and well as my new loves ^^

This weekend is also a 4-day weekend. I'll be going shopping with Chris again, hopefully I won't spend any more money.. oh but I need to get a microwave because I live in the caveman age and have yet to own one haha but apart from that, I hope I don't spend any more money.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I hope it'll be nice so I can finally get off my lazy butt and go out and do something.. anything will do. Even if it's just a walk to Mont-Royal (it's a good 2.5hr walk from here hehe). I'm happy because I have finally found someone to walk the Mont-Royal with me >.< I don't know about this weekend, if he's not sick anymore.. This plague rat made him sick T^T poor lil' Drago =[
Maybe I want to wait to be a little better first. But ya, and.. I'm also eager to dust off my PS3 and play some Assassin's Creed <3 much love ^^

Oh so many things to look forward to this weekend =]

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