Tuesday, May 3, 2011

feeling under the weather...

I guess it's that time of year again where it seems everyone gets sick. Unfortunately I seem to not have been spared. It started somewhere last night in the form of diarrhea and has continued well into today. I'm experience "heat waves" if you can call it that, followed by a rush to the washroom and then major chills. I'm currently in another one of those "heat waves". Head is pounding, I'm crossing my fingers hoping my allergy meds will kick in soon. Because of course the trees absolutely needed to bug me this year. It's like an on-off thing, I'm allergic to trees (especially when they're budding) the 1st year it was really bad, some years I'm not affected at all but this year it's decided to come at me again. Ugh. Headaches, congestion, itchy eyelids, hives even T-T and now my body's fighting a virus. Yipee! D8 It's weird tho, I obviously have a fever, my head's burning up. Take my temperature... a mere 96.9F O.o say what? Make that 96.3F just took it again. Ok, so I'm feeling worse but my temp is getting lower? Is that normal?? Confused girl over here *waves arm in the air* I'm too hot again... layers come off... I think I'll take my mom's advice and call in sick tonight. I've been up since 6am... it's now 11am.. If I can't sleep soon I'll be dead come my shift tonight. I work night shift.. 9pm-7am they should be ok.. usually about 6 people on Tuesdays, hopefully it won't be busy for them. Hate to cut it short, but I'm off to visit the crystal bowl once more ]=

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