Monday, May 2, 2011

pink skies

It's 5:38am and I'm sitting on my sofa kinda tired but I've yet to go to bed. Kissyface (Kayla, my furrbaby) is looking all cute and cuddly, curled up on my treadmill... the one she uses more than I do.. I suck at exercising *shakes head* The sky is pink outside and kind of blue-ish I hope it's another sunny day today. Sunny and warm! Sunny and warm!! I don't want the snow to come back.. I know, I know, it's only May 2nd... it's snowed in June before but I'm hoping against it. Ah Montreal weather.. it's crazy and all over the place D8 lol

I could be wondering what I'm still doing up. I mean, I finished my drama almost an hour ago but yet it's like something is stopping me from getting up off my lazy tuckus and dragging meself to bed. So, if I'm just gonna sit here and read blogs or putz around playing cityville on fb hell I might as well write another entry ^^ maybe I'll make up for all the ones I've skipped out on hehe

I just finished watching a Korean drama called "Pasta". It's really cute and it's about this new chef that comes to work at a restaurant and he fires all the female cooks because he refuses to work with female cooks. Except there's one set back. No matter how often he fires her, there's one cook who keeps coming back. It's like the cat who came back the very next day. Nothing he does can get rid of her. She's too cute. Lovable character. Watching this drama made me crave pashgetti so much lol I actually started cooking some. Poor Ray, my bf, my guinea piggie in all my cooking tryouts lol he'll eat anything I make, but I know he really dislikes Italian food and he had to eat some anyways ^^ Still, he liked it so I be happy *nods*

He's finally done his semester and he's been trying to find new shows to watch online and not having much luck. I've been bugging him and suggesting Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas. He finally gave in, partly anyways. Yesterday or um rather the day before he told me if I could find him some Chinese historical dramas preferably in Mandarin then he'd be open to the idea. Cantonese was ok but only if they'd have subs. So I put my fingers to work and found him a few choices and he's started to watch Legend of the Condor Heroes and likes it lots. He's so into it he wanted me to watch it with him (we're each at our respective homes) and he's like "there's a lot of cute guys in it.. if that doesn't get you to watch it I don't know what will" lol He knows me so well <3 Still I wanted to finish "Pasta" before starting it, so unfortunately when he comes over later I won't be able to continue watching it with him.. we'll just have to settle on a movie because there's no way I can watch 7 episodes if I ever want to sleep lol I laugh, but as I'm sitting here, I'm actually starting to contemplate watching the drama *ponders some more*

I better get to bed soon... I'm starting to have cravings for cookies and I'm thinking I should've just made melonpan because I know how nummy those were last time, but again.. no eggs left hmm and the only cookies in the house are those gross baking soda ones bleurk.. ok I'm off to bed.. I hope 8D

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