Friday, May 27, 2011

last one!!

Last shift of the week and the a 4-day weekend!! Woohooo!! I'm super eager. This'll be a jam-packed actiony weekend ^^
Tomorrow, or rather later today I'll be going out with Chris again, she's still on the lookout for shoes. She was able to find the dress and skirt she was looking for in the right size, that's always good *nods*
Saturday I take my lil' Drago to the vet XD hehehe that sounds so wrong lol I'll actually just be going with him to the vet with Mia for the first time. Then I get to pop on over and play with Mia for a bit.. While I also give my lil' Drago a peace offering because I plagued him D8 I ish a bad plague rat *hangs head in shame* Told him it would be a burnt peace offering hehehe I made banana bread *nods* it got a tad on the crispy side, I've made it before but I'm thinking last time I took it out slightly before the time indicated in the recipe.
Afterwards, I'll be heading over to Sylvie's (my co-worker) for supper and to sleep over. Free museum day is on Sunday, I'll be going with her, her bf and her mom. I get to see "mom" again ^^ I lubs her ♥
Come Monday, I'll be going out with my mouman ♥ We were originally just going to eat out, but she mentioned watching a movie. Therefore, grub and a movie, it's a date! I love my mouman *nods*

How am I doing otherwise? Well, I'm still a plague rat.. My cough has being kind of annoying. It's not so much hoarking up but like, if I breathe in deeply or suddenly take a breath I choke and cough *rolls eyes* I don't really consider this "better" oy vay *shakes head*
How about emotion-wise? Hmm.. I'm a lot better that I was on the 15th and during that week.. I ended up changing my own fb status because my ex was never doing it and to see it there was just like adding a weight on me. To have something saying one thing, but knowing it's untrue and won't be becoming true again.. I needed to keep on healing instead of constantly taking steps back. I think I've probably mentioned this already, but I don't remember. *ish tired*
I think, I've coming to terms with what happened. I've accepted it. I'm no longer in denial and I'm healing.
It's good to not be alone or feel alone during these times and even when I'm home with no friends around, I still don't feel lonely. Kayla is here with me and I'm just happy ^^

Omg.. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I finally got Kayla her kitty condo.. and *is oober thankful* she hasn't done her claws in the couch since! WOOHOO!! I have high hopes that I'll be able to patch the shredded couch arms without her coming around to reek havoc once more! *dies of happiness*

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