Thursday, June 2, 2011

Short and sweet..

I seriously need to start getting ready for work soon, so just a mini update.
Last weekend was action packed and oober fun! Monday finished with awersomeness. Went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with my mouman and then HP the Philosopher's Stone on big screen wif my lil' Drago *nods*

Tuesday was hell on wheels. Got a wake-up call at 5:50am, told that my mom had fallen, wasn't moving, was all white and my sis wasn't allowed to go see her O_O Thankfully, everything turned out to be ok. After a very long and worrisome day at the hospital. My mom seems to have been bitten by something (leaning towards a spider) and had a REALLY bad allergic reaction. She's better now, I'll be going to see her on Sunday though as I want to check up on her.
Saturday I'll be helping lil' Drago install his a/c because the weather's been really bad lately *nods*
There's some Assassin's Creed playage in there somewhere and Monday I get to watch HP 2 with my lil' Drago ^^
It's our "Monday night hang out taim" ♥

Anyhoo, off I go for now. *nods*

Back laterz,

have an AWERSOME one! ^^

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