Thursday, June 9, 2011

The way things are..

So, a few things ended up happening yesterday.

The first is that I got that "kick in the butt" that I needed. My motivation to get me started and will keep me going. I was talking to my lil' Drago (aka my buddy Raine) explaining what happened and just expressing how frustrated I can get at myself, basically this is what happened:

[303 PM] Lidia: and he sent me this link to his trainer..
[306 PM] Lidia: and although scurred lol i was like.. maybe i could go with one of the female trainers.. (the dude is too scary).. but then i'm like i don't know if i can commit to a trainer..
[345 PM] Lidia: and so i'm there.. like.. running around in circles.. but like i know i just keep putting things off and it's starting to really annoy me of me :S
[313 PM] Raine: you know what
[323 PM] Raine: if you dont stick to a routine and get your ass in gear
[328 PM] Raine: i'll just stop talking and hanging out with you =D
[338 PM] Lidia: omg..
[341 PM] Lidia: nuuuu
[343 PM] Raine: HAHA
[346 PM] Raine: awesome motivation
[351 PM] Lidia: THAT'S NOT FUNNY!! DX
[305 PM] Lidia: you're...serious..aren't you? T^T
[323 PM] Lidia: and you're not answering me *cries a river*
[339 PM] Lidia: but... i'm making a schedule!!! i swear I am!!
[352 PM] Raine: hahaha good
[300 PM] Raine: otherwise i WILL do that to enforce it >: (

It really IS very good motivation, as our friendship means A LOT to me and he knows this. I think it was like a fool-proof motivator. It worked, I made a schedule and I'm going to stick by it. =3

I never made it out, to buy that power cord. I did however find a good functional one at home yipee!! There was NO WAY IN HELL that I was going to go outdoors yesterday. I went to check the temperature to see how hot it was...and it was a whooping 39 C with humidity!! That's 102.2F for you non-Canadians. I was talking to a friend last night and I mentioned the temperature. She started laughing, she lives in the desert (Vegas) and their temp only reached the 90s. I like living so I figured staying indoors was best *nods*

So basically, I'm starting with the easy stuff. An hour of treadmill after work each morning (Wed - Sat), Sun & Tues I do aprox. 1 - 2 hours of exercises (from the exercises I was supposed to continue doing from my physio which has a lot
of crunches and stuff to like, build strength) and Mondays are my "off" days. It feels like it's spread out and easy enough, so I don't think I'll get that "omg there's too much" feeling and then just flop and stop.

I'm going to keep an update of everything I do, like a day-to-day tracker of sorts. Just so I can keep tabs on myself. I've decided I'll weigh myself once a week, on Thursdays as I officially started today, a Thursday.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but the weight I got at the fur place thing was wrong. I found out by my co-worker that it was off as her bf had had a doctor's appt. a few days later and was heavier than the scale had indicated. This saddened me. But now that I am on track to the road of better confidence, energy and just overall feeling better about myself, I am saddened no more! =3 I just need to work hard, is all *nods*

Start weight Thursday June 9th 2011: 194.8 lbs
Treadmill: 60.02 mins 2.2m/hr 2.166 Distance 314 Cals. 8 laps 3/4
Heartbeat: 78

I've taken a bath, I'm actually really tired yet I wanted to write about this as my hair kind of dries. *nods*

Time for bed!

Back laterz,

*waves* ^^

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