Friday, June 17, 2011


I got to "Day 4" that was good.. right? *sigh* I'll be getting back into the roll of things come Saturday morning (so technically, today). I've been blahed out and completely drained of energy this week.. Had to go into the office on Wednesday so I didn't exercise the day before as I knew I had to sleep as much as possible as I had to not only head to the office for my shift but had a condo meeting. Which basically meant I had to get up earlier and not really sleep as much as possible. Coming back from work Thursday morning my head was all spinny so again I didn't do anything and just went to bed. Today, or rather yesterday (Friday) I was just plain lazy. -_- Still, throughout it all I managed to loose a few pounds. 192.something (my brain fails me..still 2 lbs down is good *nods*) I have been eating healthier, so maybe that's what helped. And while I did eat pizza, it wasn't a chemical induced store bought one, instead it was homemade from scratch with healthy ingredients. OK ok fiine pepperoni isn't really healthy, but it's not a pizza without it! Still, it lasted me a good 3 days.. It was ginormous! I've also been making veggie stir-fry with vermicelli noodles nom nom nom soo good! But yes, anyhoo.. I'll be heading into the office yet again come Tuesday =_= I seriously hope they finish the work on the stoopid phone lines soon, because it'd be pure bliss to not have to come in on Tuesday and also because it's EXTREMELY BORING working at the office as there's NADA to do! D8 I dread having to go it -_-

Anywhoo, leaving all that aside! Here I am stuck in one of those oober slowly paced days, where the time barely seems to change. It's almost as though the time has stopped and here I am growing old but not going anywhere. I guess it doesn't help that I'm hot and my head it pounding. I just wish my shift would be over and done with or at the very least that 5am would roll around becaue I want to take a 1hr nap! I won't be able to sleep much if any after I'm done my shift. I intend to work out for a good hour, by which time it'll probably be close to 8:30am and I need to head downtown to meet Raine. We'll be watch Harry Potter tomorrow morning as my bff Chris is graduating on Monday and I had promised to go ^^ I'm sure by the time I come back Saturday afternoon/evening I'll be a walking zombie =___= but I'm sure I'll have fun while I'm out! I think that's why I'm so looking forward to my workout in the morning. Because I know it'll give me a boost for the rest of the day. Or at least for a few hours. I'll have to sleep Saturday, that's for sure. Yet, I'm also waiting on a pattern to arrive. Crochet pattern I just ordered. I had no previous intend on ordering anything as I had started to follow a pattern I have in an amigurumi book. You'd think these patterns, being published in a book and all, would've been tested out.. but alas, such is not the case. It's a good thing I didn't pay much for the book and I'm hoping it's only the one pattern that isn't complete. I'm making an animal, and you'd assume being the size it is that it shouldn't be hard to include all the steps but nooo.. they give enough instruction to kind of make a body, but no head -_- I thought maybe I made an error, so I stopped and started again from scratch. Nothing, no head, no shape of head, nada. Pattern for ears and tail, wonderful! But unless the pictures they included were not meant to show what the finished product would be, the only thing I could do is "patch" the ears and tail to the one sausage looking body with not head >.> I'm not amused. It's fine though, thankfully I was able to find the same type of animal but a much cuter version. Delivery is by email, good thing too as Canada Post is on strike! D8 And it should arrive 24hrs after payment is received. So, hopefully by tomorrow I should get it. I'll be able to work on it Sunday morning and give it to her on Monday. I hope things work out *nods*

Alrighty, well, I'm off for now.



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