Friday, June 17, 2011


I got to "Day 4" that was good.. right? *sigh* I'll be getting back into the roll of things come Saturday morning (so technically, today). I've been blahed out and completely drained of energy this week.. Had to go into the office on Wednesday so I didn't exercise the day before as I knew I had to sleep as much as possible as I had to not only head to the office for my shift but had a condo meeting. Which basically meant I had to get up earlier and not really sleep as much as possible. Coming back from work Thursday morning my head was all spinny so again I didn't do anything and just went to bed. Today, or rather yesterday (Friday) I was just plain lazy. -_- Still, throughout it all I managed to loose a few pounds. 192.something (my brain fails me..still 2 lbs down is good *nods*) I have been eating healthier, so maybe that's what helped. And while I did eat pizza, it wasn't a chemical induced store bought one, instead it was homemade from scratch with healthy ingredients. OK ok fiine pepperoni isn't really healthy, but it's not a pizza without it! Still, it lasted me a good 3 days.. It was ginormous! I've also been making veggie stir-fry with vermicelli noodles nom nom nom soo good! But yes, anyhoo.. I'll be heading into the office yet again come Tuesday =_= I seriously hope they finish the work on the stoopid phone lines soon, because it'd be pure bliss to not have to come in on Tuesday and also because it's EXTREMELY BORING working at the office as there's NADA to do! D8 I dread having to go it -_-

Anywhoo, leaving all that aside! Here I am stuck in one of those oober slowly paced days, where the time barely seems to change. It's almost as though the time has stopped and here I am growing old but not going anywhere. I guess it doesn't help that I'm hot and my head it pounding. I just wish my shift would be over and done with or at the very least that 5am would roll around becaue I want to take a 1hr nap! I won't be able to sleep much if any after I'm done my shift. I intend to work out for a good hour, by which time it'll probably be close to 8:30am and I need to head downtown to meet Raine. We'll be watch Harry Potter tomorrow morning as my bff Chris is graduating on Monday and I had promised to go ^^ I'm sure by the time I come back Saturday afternoon/evening I'll be a walking zombie =___= but I'm sure I'll have fun while I'm out! I think that's why I'm so looking forward to my workout in the morning. Because I know it'll give me a boost for the rest of the day. Or at least for a few hours. I'll have to sleep Saturday, that's for sure. Yet, I'm also waiting on a pattern to arrive. Crochet pattern I just ordered. I had no previous intend on ordering anything as I had started to follow a pattern I have in an amigurumi book. You'd think these patterns, being published in a book and all, would've been tested out.. but alas, such is not the case. It's a good thing I didn't pay much for the book and I'm hoping it's only the one pattern that isn't complete. I'm making an animal, and you'd assume being the size it is that it shouldn't be hard to include all the steps but nooo.. they give enough instruction to kind of make a body, but no head -_- I thought maybe I made an error, so I stopped and started again from scratch. Nothing, no head, no shape of head, nada. Pattern for ears and tail, wonderful! But unless the pictures they included were not meant to show what the finished product would be, the only thing I could do is "patch" the ears and tail to the one sausage looking body with not head >.> I'm not amused. It's fine though, thankfully I was able to find the same type of animal but a much cuter version. Delivery is by email, good thing too as Canada Post is on strike! D8 And it should arrive 24hrs after payment is received. So, hopefully by tomorrow I should get it. I'll be able to work on it Sunday morning and give it to her on Monday. I hope things work out *nods*

Alrighty, well, I'm off for now.



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 4

So, I wasn't feeling too good Friday night, ended up calling in sick and then I went to sleep. Needless to say, I didn't do my treadmill the next day =_=

However, I'm doing my workouts right now.

always tuck in and clench tummy!!

clench fist and arm muscles @ 90deg angle and life opposite leg.. hold 5 secs
10 to 12 reps. 5 - 6 on each side - did 3 sets

use feet to lift up, balance on elbows/forearm.. tuck in tummy.. 30secs and up

side plank
resting on knees, resting on forearm and lift up (one side then other) try over 30secs

lie on back, knees bent, feet on floor, squeeze butt together and raise butt off of floor
hold 5 secs & relax
(then if good, raise 1 leg off floor, then other)
10-12 reps

2 - 3 sets on each (2 sets on each and work up to 3 sets on each, then once core down pat at 3 sets can go for more vids on doing other stuff)

As I'm doing them, I've been thinking. Yes, walking on the treadmill is good. And it does take a lot out of me.. but at the same time all I'm doing is cardio. I've been thinking about this, not just today but yesterday as well. Either I could up the time on the mill or do 1hr mill and then the above exercises too. On those 2 days I had "reserved" let's say for only exercises, I think instead what I could do is on those days cut myself some slack and just do mill. This is all just me thinking "out loud" so to speak, um I'll see if I'm capable of doing that. Otherwise, I'll just stick with the mill on weekdays.

I've also been thinking, for a while now, that I'd like to do jumprope.. But I don't know where I'd do this, because I have neighbours downstairs I don't know if doing it at home would be wise but where would I do it outdoors so I don't feel self-conscious?

Anyways, I was just writing up my thoughts so I can re-read them afterwards and mull 'em over. I'm going to go finish my workout now. I'll edit this post if I change anything in the workout *nods*

For the planks I was capable of holding out for 20secs on the 1st set, 15 secs on the 2nd set and only 10 secs on the 3rd set. What I have noticed is my shoes slip on the floor, so I can't keep upright as I'm battling with sucking in my tummy and trying to not slip back down. I'm not blaming my lack of strength on this, I know I need to work more at this but the slipping doesn't help *shakes fist*

On to side planks..
I can hold up to 18 secs on my left side, for 2 sets. I think my right side is weaker as I find really hard to stay straight and can lift for no more than 10 secs on 1 set and then only for 8 secs on a 2nd set. This one's really difficult for me. Just means more practice, right? =3

Now for glutes..
I don't have enough balance yet to do the one leg up, then the other. I stuck with only the lifting. I did 2 sets of 10 reps.

It's 1pm now, so I'm going to stop as I need to go out and do some grocery shopping a well as prepare some food.

Melonpan for movie night tomorrow with Raine, and pizza tonight for supper. Making from scratch and I'll try to keep it healthy-ish haha.

My head's a little spinny, it could be from sitting up too fast or the fact that I have yet to eat. I need to do something about that. It's crucial that I start eating healthy and that means eating 3 times a day. Which is something I don't do right now.

So, off I go.


*waves* ^^

Day 3

Saturday Morning - skipped workout

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 2

60.04 mins
9 1/4 laps
2.291 Dist
2.2 m/h for 5mins & 2.3 m/h for 55mins
heartbeat: 66
323 cals.

Time for a bath cuz I ish aaall sweaty and icky Dx


*waves* ^^

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The way things are..

So, a few things ended up happening yesterday.

The first is that I got that "kick in the butt" that I needed. My motivation to get me started and will keep me going. I was talking to my lil' Drago (aka my buddy Raine) explaining what happened and just expressing how frustrated I can get at myself, basically this is what happened:

[303 PM] Lidia: and he sent me this link to his trainer..
[306 PM] Lidia: and although scurred lol i was like.. maybe i could go with one of the female trainers.. (the dude is too scary).. but then i'm like i don't know if i can commit to a trainer..
[345 PM] Lidia: and so i'm there.. like.. running around in circles.. but like i know i just keep putting things off and it's starting to really annoy me of me :S
[313 PM] Raine: you know what
[323 PM] Raine: if you dont stick to a routine and get your ass in gear
[328 PM] Raine: i'll just stop talking and hanging out with you =D
[338 PM] Lidia: omg..
[341 PM] Lidia: nuuuu
[343 PM] Raine: HAHA
[346 PM] Raine: awesome motivation
[351 PM] Lidia: THAT'S NOT FUNNY!! DX
[305 PM] Lidia: you're...serious..aren't you? T^T
[323 PM] Lidia: and you're not answering me *cries a river*
[339 PM] Lidia: but... i'm making a schedule!!! i swear I am!!
[352 PM] Raine: hahaha good
[300 PM] Raine: otherwise i WILL do that to enforce it >: (

It really IS very good motivation, as our friendship means A LOT to me and he knows this. I think it was like a fool-proof motivator. It worked, I made a schedule and I'm going to stick by it. =3

I never made it out, to buy that power cord. I did however find a good functional one at home yipee!! There was NO WAY IN HELL that I was going to go outdoors yesterday. I went to check the temperature to see how hot it was...and it was a whooping 39 C with humidity!! That's 102.2F for you non-Canadians. I was talking to a friend last night and I mentioned the temperature. She started laughing, she lives in the desert (Vegas) and their temp only reached the 90s. I like living so I figured staying indoors was best *nods*

So basically, I'm starting with the easy stuff. An hour of treadmill after work each morning (Wed - Sat), Sun & Tues I do aprox. 1 - 2 hours of exercises (from the exercises I was supposed to continue doing from my physio which has a lot
of crunches and stuff to like, build strength) and Mondays are my "off" days. It feels like it's spread out and easy enough, so I don't think I'll get that "omg there's too much" feeling and then just flop and stop.

I'm going to keep an update of everything I do, like a day-to-day tracker of sorts. Just so I can keep tabs on myself. I've decided I'll weigh myself once a week, on Thursdays as I officially started today, a Thursday.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but the weight I got at the fur place thing was wrong. I found out by my co-worker that it was off as her bf had had a doctor's appt. a few days later and was heavier than the scale had indicated. This saddened me. But now that I am on track to the road of better confidence, energy and just overall feeling better about myself, I am saddened no more! =3 I just need to work hard, is all *nods*

Start weight Thursday June 9th 2011: 194.8 lbs
Treadmill: 60.02 mins 2.2m/hr 2.166 Distance 314 Cals. 8 laps 3/4
Heartbeat: 78

I've taken a bath, I'm actually really tired yet I wanted to write about this as my hair kind of dries. *nods*

Time for bed!

Back laterz,

*waves* ^^

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm seriously..

all ughed out..
I've been talking recently to a few friends about the whole working out and getting into shape bit. I want to get into shape, I want to get off my lazy butt and make things happen and yet, here I am, still, not budging. I sometimes get so frustrated with myself. *shakes head at self* I feel like making this long list of things, or goals that I want to achieve, yet knowing myself, once I look back on it I won't see the 1st thing listed as the 1st objective. No, instead I'll look at the big picture, and just get discouraged, again, and think to myself that I'll never be able to get through each thing. It's bad that I think that way, but I do. >.> It's seriously something that I need to work on.
One of my friends sent me a link to trainers in Montreal that look kind of scary but in a good way. They look tough, they're experienced, know what they're doing and I started thinking that maybe that's just what I need. But then I started asking myself questions like "am I thinking too much about this?", "am I really ready to commit to a trainer?", "maybe I ought to get myself going before I decide on any kind of trainer or anything.."
BUT I STILL NEED THAT KICK IN THE BUTT TO GET ME GOING!!!!! *is exasperated with self* I lack motivation for things I need for myself. It's really sad, y'know? And I hate feeling sorry for myself, like "boohoohoo poor girl lacks determination..boohoo" I don't think that way, nor do I want to. The worse part is that usually I don't. Nope, but maybe I should. Maybe that might give me a bit more drive to persevere. Instead, I usually just laze around and that takes it all. I don't have to worry about anything when I'm lazing around.. except maybe my health in the long run. *siiiiigh*

This wasn't supposed to be this kind of post, I was first just thinking to myself that I ought to write down a few goals.. but well, this is what it turned into.

I'm going to try to keep things simple.

To Do List:

- go out to the post office to mail letter

- go to Canadian Tire and buy power supply with surge protection

simple enough, right? And I'll move along from there. *nods*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something found ^^

Tryo - Serre-moi (Translation)
Just found this on this blog: It seems this is that person's favourite song. Likewise, although, I prefer a cover version better.
Thanks to Vera Gabriele for translation

Tryo - Serre-moi

Kiss me overboard
Come, my angel, redraw the sky
I will crucify your body
If I can unpin your wings

To kiss, to burn you at the same time
To wedge my nails in your burning spine
To beg you to come back to me
To do everything, oh everything, to see you leave

Oh come, take me there
Give me your hand if I don’t take it
Flay my wings, blow me away
And continue to remain at peace

A thousand times, we entwine ourselves
And grow weary beneath it all
Still hold me, hold me
until I choke on you

There are some bastards
who plunder the hearts of women
and there are women who have forgotten
the source from which love draws its charm:
Butterfly from flower to flower
from love into love, soulmates
those who have just one star
or those who burn their sail

I love your tears when you love
your sweat, the blood, make us lovers
who impassion themselves, who bleed—
I love when I am flayed alive

I don’t attribute failure
to our tragedies, to our goodbyes
Come back to me, come back to me
You will leave best that way

After we writhe and twist
we will end up dying
What’s the point of rebuilding ourselves—
we are disciples of the worst kind

Despite ourselves, despite ourselves
What’s the point of feeling bigger than ourselves
Two specks of madness in the wind
Two blazing souls, two children…

There are some bastards
who plunder the hearts of women
and there are women who have forgotten
the source from which love draws its charm:
Butterfly from flower to flower
from love into love, soulmates
those who have just one star
or those who burn their sail

Still hold me, hold me
until I choke on you…
Still hold me, hold me
until I choke on you…

This is the original version:

My favourite cover of this song by smokekaya:

Meme: Questionnaire - One Word Meme (kind of)

I snagged this off of "My French Window" blog, the author of that blog had modified it to be more of an interview answered type of meme from it's original one word meme (original meme not viewable to me *le sigh*). So, I'm allowing myself on some occasions to maybe answer with more that one word.. I like to ramble, how can I possibly hold myself back XD (I haven't actually filled this out yet, who knows maybe I'll do good with this one word thing)

1. Where is your mobile phone?
- charging

2. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend.
- inexistant

3. Your hair?
- multicoloured

4. Your mother?
- mouman ♥

5. Your father?
- R.I.P

6. Your favourite item?
- Rice cooker/steamer

7. Your dream last night?
- vanished

8. Your favourite drink?
- Limeade

9. Your dream car?
- Jeep Sahara Wrangler forest green '07

10. The room you are in?
- Living room

11. Your ex?
Turned Creeper with a capital "C"

12. Your fear?
- Some heights

13. What do you want to be in 10 years?
- Comfortable

14. Who did you hang out with last night?
- My buddy Raine ♥

15. What you're not?
- Hyperactive

16. The last thing you did?
- Read

17. What are you wearing?
- pjs

18. Your favourite book?
- Dragonwyck

19. Last thing you ate?
- Banana yogurt

20. Your life?
- Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

21. Your mood?
- Content

22. Your friends?
- True friends

23. What are you thinking about right now?
- Do I just want piggie or do I want to add cow in tonight's curry?

24. Your car?
- Unowned

25. What are you doing at this moment?
- O.o Seriously? uh... typing?!?!

26. Your summer?
- Eagerly awaiting

27. Your relationship status?
- Single

28. What is on your TV?
- Dust

29. When is the last time you laughed?
- Right now XD

30. Last time you cried?
- Last monday..(when Kishki, my sis, called me and said "mom fell, she's not moving, she's all white and they won't let me see here" mom had an extremely bad allergic reaction to a spider bite ;~; she's all better now! yay! ♥ love mouman)

31. School?
- No thanks.

Well that was that. You should check this out, she has some cute answers.. and her blog is intertesting too *loves reading*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Short and sweet..

I seriously need to start getting ready for work soon, so just a mini update.
Last weekend was action packed and oober fun! Monday finished with awersomeness. Went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with my mouman and then HP the Philosopher's Stone on big screen wif my lil' Drago *nods*

Tuesday was hell on wheels. Got a wake-up call at 5:50am, told that my mom had fallen, wasn't moving, was all white and my sis wasn't allowed to go see her O_O Thankfully, everything turned out to be ok. After a very long and worrisome day at the hospital. My mom seems to have been bitten by something (leaning towards a spider) and had a REALLY bad allergic reaction. She's better now, I'll be going to see her on Sunday though as I want to check up on her.
Saturday I'll be helping lil' Drago install his a/c because the weather's been really bad lately *nods*
There's some Assassin's Creed playage in there somewhere and Monday I get to watch HP 2 with my lil' Drago ^^
It's our "Monday night hang out taim" ♥

Anyhoo, off I go for now. *nods*

Back laterz,

have an AWERSOME one! ^^