Thursday, December 23, 2010

just a simple day

Just a day like any other. Oh except the monstruations are upon me and there's not enough choco to feed my cramps in this house *_* and I miss my love. He's on his way to Vancouver to visit him mom for the holidays. He'll be back, in 10 days. Such a short ways away yet seems so long. I'm a big girl, I can wait patiently *nods in agreement* and Mr. Moo (with the identity complex) is here to keep me company. My love gave me Mr. Moo and tells me he gave him the following task: to take care of me and watch over me and make sure I'm not lonely while he's not here with me. Mr. Moo is doing a good job, he will receive a good report from me. ^_^
But why do I say he's got an identity complex? Well, I always thought he was a cow, so his full name is Rayray (after my love) Moo - aka Mr. Moo. But as I was looking at him yesterday while at the office, it dawned on me.. that he totes looks like a giraffe as well.. actually, the horns on his head, his colour, his tuft of hair (or mane-like tuff) are all characteristics of giraffes too.. Everyone that sees him first thinks he's a cow, then a pause of wonderment. He really could be a giraffe! Regardless of that, he's already been named. So whether he's a giraffe or a cow or maybe a cowraffe or gow as Caro noted, his name shall remain unchanged. *nods* He is and always will remain (Rayray Moo) Mr. Moo. He may develop and identity complex because of it, but no matter, he will always be loved dearly. He will also make good friends with Moose the reindeer XD
Here's a pic of Mr. Moo ^_^ I lubbs him regardless of whatever he is ♥

Feeling sleepy.. gonna cuddle Mr. Moo and try to sleep another hour before work.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

happy warm and fuzzy ^_^

So, I met a guy on one of them dating sites, and although I liked him as a friend I didn't think anything more would come of it. I guess it's good to be wrong sometimes XD It's weird for me, not that I met a guy, not that I started liking him, not that we're going out. What's weird is that I didn't experience the whole "fluttery" feeling, blinded with my head in the clouds. For once, my head is right where it ought to be..attached to my neck *nods* I can think clearly, and can still see what's around me and more importantly, what's in front of me. I was talking to a friend, who said "what has the fluttery feeling ever gotten you?" the answer? Nothing. It's gotten me nowhere, just hurt in the long run. Bad relationships I've kept my eyes closed to until I couldn't keep them shut any longer. So yes, it's weird in a sense. To be feeling something new. But new isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a new experience, yes. The more I'm with him, the more I talk to him, the more I love him. It's a love that I'm aware of, I'm still not fluttery but I know I hold him very dear. I guess it was finally time for a new leaf to be turned. Many new, first experiences with him. I love the warm, happy and fuzzy feeling I get when he dedicates a song to me or when he ever so kindly pulls a chair out for me. Or he makes me blush when he says nice things to me. The fact that we can talk, I feel comfortable with him and safe in his arms. I guess I'm a simple girl.. but I'm a simple girl who's in love with a great guy in a whole new way.