Tuesday, December 21, 2010

happy warm and fuzzy ^_^

So, I met a guy on one of them dating sites, and although I liked him as a friend I didn't think anything more would come of it. I guess it's good to be wrong sometimes XD It's weird for me, not that I met a guy, not that I started liking him, not that we're going out. What's weird is that I didn't experience the whole "fluttery" feeling, blinded with my head in the clouds. For once, my head is right where it ought to be..attached to my neck *nods* I can think clearly, and can still see what's around me and more importantly, what's in front of me. I was talking to a friend, who said "what has the fluttery feeling ever gotten you?" the answer? Nothing. It's gotten me nowhere, just hurt in the long run. Bad relationships I've kept my eyes closed to until I couldn't keep them shut any longer. So yes, it's weird in a sense. To be feeling something new. But new isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a new experience, yes. The more I'm with him, the more I talk to him, the more I love him. It's a love that I'm aware of, I'm still not fluttery but I know I hold him very dear. I guess it was finally time for a new leaf to be turned. Many new, first experiences with him. I love the warm, happy and fuzzy feeling I get when he dedicates a song to me or when he ever so kindly pulls a chair out for me. Or he makes me blush when he says nice things to me. The fact that we can talk, I feel comfortable with him and safe in his arms. I guess I'm a simple girl.. but I'm a simple girl who's in love with a great guy in a whole new way.


  1. I've been with my husband now for yen years and Ive never once gotten a "fluttery butterfly feeling" in my tummy. Even when our relationship was just begining. I felt more of an "at home" feeling. I had a feeling in my stomach that this is someone I would like to be with for a long time.
    As far as having a broken heart and being hurt...One of my favorite quotes is "He was never a waste of your time, he was just the harsh realization that you can do better". Never stop trying and dont fall for something that just pay attention to you. The right person is out there for you and when the time is right you will be together.