Sunday, November 21, 2010

long day but no regrets ^_^

First, I'd like to say: hello my first and only follower ^_^ I bid you good day (technically it is day, even tho it be the wee hours of the morn')

So I did promise an update. I went to see "Heart of Auschwitz". It was touching and made me cry T_T but a good kind of crying *nods*

It's based on a heart-shaped booklet that was made in the Union Metalwerks factory in Auschwitz for the 20th birthday of Fania, one of the workers. They were all female, under the age of 25 as anyone older was "disposed" of. Within the booklet there are many happy wishes written in different languages. They didn't all speak the same language, but they cared for one another regardless of the hell they were living. The heart-shaped booklet is on display at the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center. [I saw it this year when Sylvie (friend and coworker) and I went there on Museum Day. They had informed us that a movie was in the making based on the booklet. I'm glad I was able to see it *nods*]
All entries in the booklet were signed, first name only. Some, with an initial for a last name. In the documentary they tried to find these people. Some may have passed away. One lady was found, they spoke to her on the phone only. She said she remembered the booklet but didn't want to meet anyone and didn't want to talk about that time. It's totally understandable. They lived through hell, having survived, I understand wanting to forget anything about it. The people making the documentary were capable of finding a few of the signees thanks to the help of Lidia Vago, they were also able to find the one who was the "mastermind" so to speak, the one who decided, organized and put the booklet together.
Lidia Vago is the leader of the Union former workers committee. She had collected some 400 names of former workers in surveys. These surveys included signatures of the former workers which helped to match with the signatures in the booklet. Phone numbers and addresses (if filled out) were also listed in the surveys.
I felt happy that she was capable of helping them to the extent that she was. A little proud too that we have the same first name, spelled the same and everything >_< She looked like a sweet little granny who could work a cell phone hehe it was cute to see ^_^

I really loved the movie/documentary. If or when it comes out on dvd, and I hope it does, this is one movie I want to purchase. It's not just a movie about reunion, it's a movie about courage and sisterhood. Ties that can be made regardless of the hell you're living.

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