Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the new year..

What's in a new year's resolution? I keep hearing people talking about it. They make goals for themselves and then drop them months in. I can't say I've ever set myself a "new year's resolution". I have set myself goals in the past though, and ya, they usually fall through. Or I'll tell myself that I won't start right away, I'll start in a bit.. and then continuously put it off. So, I seems to putz around a lot.. I'm even doing in right now. Well, not now now because I'm working, but you know what I mean.

I've decided that I'm going to challenge myself. How does this change from any other goals I've ever set for myself before? No clue. Wish I had answers, but I don't. I think all I can do is believe in myself and push myself along to keep myself on track and then hope for the best. Seeing as I don't like to get out of my comfort zone and procrastinate all the time and it also being the holiday season with LOADS of junk food at the tip of my fingertips, I figure I'll go ahead and indulge, until the end of the month.

I seriously need to start eating healthy, so there's my first "goal" for 2012. With the help of my buddy, I've been able to cut back my junk food at the movies. I'm allowed 1 bag of popcorn per month. It's a rule I set for myself, but he reminds me and makes sure I follow what I put in place.
Because I can do that, I've decided that, yes, I will continue but to it, I'll add all chocolate &/or junk food into the same "restriction". So they too will only be permitted once a month.

Another goal consists of my darn workouts!

I figure this is good for a start, after 2 months once I'm used to it, I can increase my exercise time.

twice a week for the 1st 2 months - Wed & Fri [gonna pick back up my physio exercises because I've been feeling my back weakening]

stretches & walking daily ~ 30mins. - either walks outside or on treadmill [yup, go figure, I have a treadmill IN my home and use it mostly as a cat rest.. and a dust picker-uper.. >.>]

I always, whenever deciding to "pick up" something, tell myself that if I take on too much at once I'll just give up easier. I'm going to try my best to persevere with these "goals" regardless of the amount I take on.

Next "goal", is to pick up my Korean *shakes head at self* I bought books, I have access to countless websites for self-teaching, but I've found myself always feeling "too tired" to start anything. [I still need to get a dictionary, I'm on it!!]

My guitar, which I've yet to tune... I want to start learning. I'm debating, do I tackle that one on my own.. or do I ask my uncle? It would give me a reason to go see him every so often. He lives out in the boonies now, so I don't see him (ever) but I do miss him *nods*

Driving lessons! Something I've constantly been putting off for YEARS!! I need to find a place that's certified with the new system and also not in the middle of nowhere. Ugh.

Japanese. I don't want to give it up, but it's been in the "standstill" for too long. I need to decide what I want to do with it. Do I continue? Do I enrol in another class? Do I continue on my own?

There are obviously things I need to figure out still, but the ones that are certain are logged in and I'm kicking myself to follow through with.

In the languages department (Korean/Japanese).. anyone care to help me?? =3