Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 4

So, I wasn't feeling too good Friday night, ended up calling in sick and then I went to sleep. Needless to say, I didn't do my treadmill the next day =_=

However, I'm doing my workouts right now.

always tuck in and clench tummy!!

clench fist and arm muscles @ 90deg angle and life opposite leg.. hold 5 secs
10 to 12 reps. 5 - 6 on each side - did 3 sets

use feet to lift up, balance on elbows/forearm.. tuck in tummy.. 30secs and up

side plank
resting on knees, resting on forearm and lift up (one side then other) try over 30secs

lie on back, knees bent, feet on floor, squeeze butt together and raise butt off of floor
hold 5 secs & relax
(then if good, raise 1 leg off floor, then other)
10-12 reps

2 - 3 sets on each (2 sets on each and work up to 3 sets on each, then once core down pat at 3 sets can go for more vids on doing other stuff)

As I'm doing them, I've been thinking. Yes, walking on the treadmill is good. And it does take a lot out of me.. but at the same time all I'm doing is cardio. I've been thinking about this, not just today but yesterday as well. Either I could up the time on the mill or do 1hr mill and then the above exercises too. On those 2 days I had "reserved" let's say for only exercises, I think instead what I could do is on those days cut myself some slack and just do mill. This is all just me thinking "out loud" so to speak, um I'll see if I'm capable of doing that. Otherwise, I'll just stick with the mill on weekdays.

I've also been thinking, for a while now, that I'd like to do jumprope.. But I don't know where I'd do this, because I have neighbours downstairs I don't know if doing it at home would be wise but where would I do it outdoors so I don't feel self-conscious?

Anyways, I was just writing up my thoughts so I can re-read them afterwards and mull 'em over. I'm going to go finish my workout now. I'll edit this post if I change anything in the workout *nods*

For the planks I was capable of holding out for 20secs on the 1st set, 15 secs on the 2nd set and only 10 secs on the 3rd set. What I have noticed is my shoes slip on the floor, so I can't keep upright as I'm battling with sucking in my tummy and trying to not slip back down. I'm not blaming my lack of strength on this, I know I need to work more at this but the slipping doesn't help *shakes fist*

On to side planks..
I can hold up to 18 secs on my left side, for 2 sets. I think my right side is weaker as I find really hard to stay straight and can lift for no more than 10 secs on 1 set and then only for 8 secs on a 2nd set. This one's really difficult for me. Just means more practice, right? =3

Now for glutes..
I don't have enough balance yet to do the one leg up, then the other. I stuck with only the lifting. I did 2 sets of 10 reps.

It's 1pm now, so I'm going to stop as I need to go out and do some grocery shopping a well as prepare some food.

Melonpan for movie night tomorrow with Raine, and pizza tonight for supper. Making from scratch and I'll try to keep it healthy-ish haha.

My head's a little spinny, it could be from sitting up too fast or the fact that I have yet to eat. I need to do something about that. It's crucial that I start eating healthy and that means eating 3 times a day. Which is something I don't do right now.

So, off I go.


*waves* ^^

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