Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm a little lost when in the kitchen. Some people seem to have this "creative" side to them, like they'll be standing in the kitchen and with what they see before them, they can totally whip up something nummy. I on the other hand, can be staring at things and no idea will ever come to me, very very rarely am I hit with a thought of something to make (I think it's happened once in all my life). It's kind of annoying only because I'd sometimes like to be able to make something without having to rely on someone else, or on the internet or a book or whatever. But I'm not that creative. Still, give me a recipe and I can make something nummy (at least there's that haha). Recently, maybe because I've been cooking a lot more lately, I sometimes think about things I can mix within the recipe and thus adding a little of my own touch. *pats self on back*
I try to follow recipes to a T. And I did this with a recipe just now for "Nonna's cookies" aka grandmother's cookies... omg it's got to be the worst cookies I've EVER made & eaten.. I nearly gagged. I was trying to find a recipe similar to the cookies my nonna used to make. She never passed her recipe on and unfortunately is no longer here to show me how she'd make them. Her cookies and her pizza dough recipes, lost into oblivion. Still, I've been able to find some good pizza dough recipes (from scratch), it's the cookies I'm having problems with. *sigh* and now I'm stuck with a container full of god awful cookies that I doubt a dog would even want to eat. bleurk Yet I can't bring myself to throw them out 'cuz that'd be wasting food. Makes me wonder what I could possible do to salvage them. It's weird cuz they're exploding with the taste of baking soda but I put the amount they specified.

Oh good grief, I realized my error... I'm here re-reading the recipe.. they asked for baking powder... maybe that's why they taste so bad *gag* I put the right amount but I put baking soda instead of baking powder. It seemed a little odd to me that the recipe called for 3 tsp of baking soda 'cuz I'm used to putting a lot less when recipes indicate it.. I should really learn not to cook/bake when I'm tired. Last time I cooked when tired I burnt a pot :S that was a first ever..

I'll have to try remaking them properly next time. Obviously not now, as I'm all out of eggs... this recipe took my last 3. But I'm gonna make one slight change. They say to make icing and pour it on top the cookies are baked. But I remembered as the cookies were baking that my nonna used to just sprinkle powdered sugar on them first, press in a half maraschino cherry or sprinkle with sparkles candy and then bake 'em. *nods*
I'm kind of eager to try this recipe out again soon... like almost to the point of going out in the morning and buying more eggs haha and I think I'd cut the amount of flour because 3 cups seemed like too much as well.

Anyone have any ideas what I can do with baking soda flavoured cookies?

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