Friday, May 13, 2011

the plague rat does not give up!! (May 13th am)

Being feverish and whatnot the past few day has really gotten it's toll on me. The fever having subsided in the morning of Wednesday, you'd have thought maybe I could've gained some appetite back. Unfortunately such was not the case. Oy vay. All I could manage to eat was the probiotic yogurt the doctor recommended I eat so my diarrhea would cease. Even though it's a flavour I usually - under healthy conditions - love, I was having problems with the taste and keep telling myself I like it and I must eat it. Other than that, I've tried to eat chicken noodle soup.. oh I succeeded but it took me well over 10hrs to eat it.. yeah, I'd think that'd pretty bad. It seems like everything I try to eat is "too" something. If it would normally have a hint of sweetness, right now it's too sweet. Sour? Too sour, salty? Well, you get the picture. My mom passed by and gave me some croissants and 7up yesterday morning.. It took me over 3hrs to be able to finish 1 croissant.. I started on another and couldn't even get halfway through it.. too buttery =_= 7up I can't get it down 'cuz it's too bubbly T-T not so bad once it went flat... although it's a bit too sweet. I tried tea... I was never able to finish my 1 cup of my favourite tea.. It's roasted walnut. The aroma of it was soothing but I could do nothing more than take miniscule sips.. I've been drinking water and it tastes HORRIBLE D8

I was ok until last night. Although my appetite hadn't completely return, still kind of hasn't, there's only so long your body can go before you feel your tummy starting to eat itself >.> I knew I'd have to eat eventually, almost dreading it. Not because I don't want to eat but simply because whenever I start eating something well... I get the urge to upchuck because the taste is too whatever.. I was looking through my "Chinese Kitchen" cook book because it has some family recipes that were used for healing certains types of sickness. Nothing big, but like um recipes that'll help relieve coughs, loosen phlegm.. things that have been affecting this here plague rat as of late. There were recipes for congee which is basically a very watered down rice that's cooked for long hours, like 3-4 yet it's good for giving strength and being rice it's easy to digest. They had 3 recipes in the book but mentioned that white congee was good if you had no appetite and were getting over an illness.. Unfortunately, that one was not in there. Sure, I might have just been able to follow one of the other recipes and just not add other ingredients but I like to be consistent with recipes so I decided to look online.

I've never been happier than to have found the site I did. It's called "Homemade Chinese Soups It's Magical!" I've completely fallen in love with Phoebe the author of the website. Simply because not only does she have loads of soups and congees but everything is so simple. So easy to understand, well described and very fun to read. She also lists what some of the recipes are good for, again if loss of appetite, getting over illness, want to loose weight, etc.. there are some examples given like how her grandmother made her a soup without her saying anything when she was sick, without appetite and would've rather just sit there and sulk,but she was like "oh fine I'll just eat a spoonful to make her happy" but then ended up eating the whole bowl because of the effect the soup had on her. The warmth of it and everything, it warmed her tummy and made her feel a bit better. Like magic! I've saved the recipe, it actually looks nummy. I found a recipe for chicken congee and asked my mom to bring some too as she was already going to stop by after work. While I was searching, I must've spent a good 3hrs or more on that site. I started desperately searching for something I could make to eat as soon as work finished with what I had on hand. My tummy I could swear was seriously starting to eat itself inside out! I found recipes for egg drop soup, so easy to make and not time consuming at all. That's something else I love about Phoebe - I haven't actually met her, but it's like there's all this gratitude towards her I can't find myself to call her merely "the website girl" - she doesn't like things that are time consuming. Her recipes for congee, about an hour cooking time. There are 3 consistencies.. She tells you how much water to use for each. And then you can always play with it afterwards to reach the right level you want. But I digress.. egg drop soup, I found a recipe for egg drop and corn soup. OK, sure, it calls for fresh corn on the cob and you remove your own kernels... so I used canned corn kernel the taste would probably be a tad different but you use what you have, right?

Here I am, STARVING, yet having fun making soup X3 only me *nods* if you beat you eggs before putting them in and then use chopsticks and kind of pour the eggs through the chopsticks into your pot it makes funky cool eggie flowers =3 haha see, I said I was having fun! And the best part about all this is.... *drum roll please* it's the FIRST thing I can ACTUALLY EAT!! It doesn't taste "too" anything. It's just right!! And it feels so warm and soothing in my tummy ^_^

the nummiest soup ever to hit a very empty tummy:

This here is one happy plague rat, on the road to recovery with a FULL tummy!! =3

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