Sunday, May 23, 2010

bloo skies smiling at mee nothing bloo do i see X3

Annyong Aseo!

Another beautiful day is upon us X3

I don't think I've ever cleaned so fast before lol when I got home after my shift yesterday morning I had to clean all that wasn't cleaned as of yet; I had been feeling overly tired and lazy this past while so my condo was looking rather sketchy lol I got everything looking good, was able to shower, dress and even go online for a tad while I kind of watched the game. I must have slept for about 1hr when I got the call.. so not enough sleep, still tho it was some better than none :)

The call was from Kristin. She and Nim have come to spend the long weekend in Montreal (they're from Toronto) took them longer to get here 'cuz they got lost along the way lol they went too far and ended up in the East end hahaha

We started by going to China town. We ate at Deer Garden, very nummy restaurant. Nope, no deer in their garden :( unless it was hiding lol Then we went off to get some bubble tea, then dragon beard. Oh! it had been too long since I've had some *drools* We walked some more, taking in the pretty view, we made our way to the old port. There we introduced Nim to beaver tails nom nom nom lol I had him going for a while, told him they were real beaver tails, they cut them off but not to worry, they grow back in a day or two. As I was munching away on a tail (cinnamon & brown sugar nom nom nom), he asked me if it was a real tail LOL when I said no, he was relieved and took a piece. That was too funny lol

We then walked around some more, window shopping. Then into an art store, of which I can't remember the name nor where exactly it's situated but I'm sure I could find it again (eventually); they had many paintings from different artists. It was kinda like a showcase of what is to come. Once a week, over the course of the year, the room is rented out to one of those artists and during that whole week they display their art pieces. The lady working there told us the schedule was accessible online.. I really should've taken a card.. maybe Kristin will remember what it was called. We walked around some more, then back to the car and finally home around 11:30pm. I was one pooped out bug *nods*

My legs were in pain, my ankle throbbing. I changed, then went online (on PRA)* a tad as an addiction must be fed :) I'm not complaining, I'd do it all over again! I had loads of fun and it'd been a long time since I walked so much. It was quite refreshing ^_^
Sleep finally got the better of me and I feel asleep on cam :)

Today was to be another eventful day. Woke up fairly early (like 7something O.o) then I stayed home as Kristin and Nim were off to church and then off to Mont-Royal. Church isn't my thing, so I stayed home and now I'm feeling too pooped to go walking again although going to the mountain would be awersome on a day like today.. beaver lake must be really pretty, I think however, I'll go to a park nearby. Maybe catch a few more z's before I go. I still feel uber drained it's not funny, but it'd be a shame to not take advantage of a pretty day like today X3

Well, I'm off to see the wonders this world has to offer :)
bai for now X3

*PRA stands for Project Revelasian
It started as an online community for non-asian girls who like asian guys and vice versa, but they welcome anyone who is interested in asian culture ^_^
It's a very fun and friendly atmosphere. Still a fairly new site, but in development to improve every day. There are forums, groups, polls, blogs as well and of course video chat X3
You need to register to log-in, but registration is free so if you have some spare time, give it a go :)

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