Sunday, July 11, 2010

peaceful kitty :)

For the first time ever I'm finally going to be attending Fantasia film festival in Montreal. I've wanted to go in previous years, but never did for lack of people to go with. This year, I'm taking matters into my own hands ^_^ A coworker showed me the program book and I was instantly drawn in! I'll be going to watch "A Frozen Flower" with her. Then I'll be going to 3 other movies by myself.
Way back in the day, I had gone to a couple of movies by myself. In the spirit of taking myself out, some "me" time, treating myself. Those days seem long past. When did I start relying on others to go see movies? Maybe not relying per se, but in the sense that I only go see movies if I have someone to go with. That's kind of the reason why I've never attended Fantasia events before... I lack friends who are into those types of movies. Sure, I've got a few that are... but to actually make it out to a movie on time.. that'd be asking for a miracle lol
So this year, I said "what the heck, I'm going to go by myself", if someone wants to join me, ok, fine. But there are sooo many movies that look interesting that I can't pass up the chance.
It was really hard, there are sooo many movies I want to watch. But being on the tight budget that I am, I narrowed it down to 4 movies. Next year though, I'm sooo saving up for this *nods*

So my list of movies (in the order they come):

- Sun July 11th - A Frozen Flower

- Tues July 13th - Mai Mai Miracle

- Sat July 17th - Blades of Blood (like the moon escaping from the clouds)

- Mon July 26th - A Little Pond

I'm eagerly looking forward to these movies. It's pretty cool, the tickets are $8 a pop, but if you buy 10, they're $7 a pop.. I tell you I was sooo tempted. But I had to smack some sense into meself so I wouldn't go higher that 4 tickets. How tempted I was to get 10 tickets.. I swear, there are soooo many good movies!! They even have some old time black and white classics. Omg they even have The Land Before Time playing. I looooove that movie!!! I'd so love to see it on big screen.. but I decided to go for something I have yet to see. Still though, it's such a shame I have such a tight budget. T__T

Oh! I forgot to mention!! On July 18th, they're having a 2 voice actors come to speak. I can't remember their names, but I'll definitely put an update after I purchase the program book tomorrow :)
I'm really hyped about this!!! *bounces* Voice acting is afterall my dream job ^_^

So ya, many many things to look forward to *nods*

Later my loverlys *waves*

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