Friday, January 8, 2010

oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!!

So it's been a while since my last entry. I can't say I've been up to much. Took a little break from everything as I took on my very first crochet project.... making a penguin pillow for my best friend, it's still in the making 'cuz i got frustrated on the feet and kinda just put it aside. I'll probably pick it back up this weekend.

What did I do during all that inactive crochet time you ask? Well, I submerged myself in Korean dramas.. what bliss! It helped that I had a little more than 1 full week off from work, I got all that much more viewing in ^_^

Here are some on the movies & series I watched, as well as my take on them...

starting with movies:

A Wolf's Temptation - (fun, action, saaad but good)

He Was Cool - (aka The Guy was Cool - cute, funny, kinda corny)

Innocent Steps - (cute, dance, w Moon Geun-yeong)

Jenny, Juno - (cute, similar to "Juno" but they keep the baby)

Marrying the Mafia - Movie (comedy, cute)

My Boss, My Hero - (strange, stupid, w action)

My Sassy Girl - (awersome, cute & funny, little sad; romantic comedy)

My Tutor Friend - (funny, cute)

Please Teach Me English (very cute, funny, romantic comedy, me like ^_^)

S Diary (cute, funny, me gots mixed feeling ending)

She's on Duty (action, comedy not too funny but cute w Gong Yoo)

The Classic - (lovely heartwarming, soooo sad, happy ending yet soo sad) ** fav

Windstruck - (soo sad, but hehe ending, must watch after My Sassy Girl to get ending lol)

100 Days With Mr Arrogant - (cute, very funny)

and the series I watched:

Sweet 18 (cute, funny, tearjerker)

The Painter of the Wind (heartwrenching, tearjerking beautiful movie, sad end) **fav

so, umm, yeah I guess I've been kinda busy lol being the new form of couch potato, instead of watching tv I watch kdramas on ze interwebs ^_^ but really... what else can I do when it's FREEZING outside!!

I've also recently (as of the new year) started to do some exercises.
Really, I should've never stopped.. had to do physio a few years back 'cuz I had injured my back when I fell on the snow & ice covered sidewalks (stupid mayor couldn't be bothered to put sand on streets & sidewalks).. not fun, also one of the reasons I now hate going outdoors when there's snow.
So, yeah, they had given me exercises to do and told me to continue even after my physio was over because if I gain weight I'll always have back pains grrrr and these exercises help to strengthen my back muscles and kinda firm me tummy up...
I slacked, then I altogether stopped.. I've since gained some weight back and recently my back started hurting again. *exasperated sigh* So there you have it, my reason for starting up my exercises again.. I know I have to start walking more as well, but with there being snow out there I'm not partial to the idea of doing that and I don't have the money to go to a gym... unless anyone knows of a workout gym that's free? Anyone? Oh! and it'd have to be in the Montreal area.

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