Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dansons la capucine, y'a pas de pain chez nous...

So here I am... tired, but recently frozen so I'm no longer falling asleep. Had problems stay asleep last night. This time it wasn't caused by my cutie (kitty) who usually likes to wake me up at night so she can get extra attention... I'm awaiting an email, kinda really hoping it's coming.. so much so I was dreaming about it.. I don't think I've ever anticipated receiving a msg this much. In my dream, I was weirdly surrounded by the guys from Wong Fu Productions... they were like sidekicks/support.. I think I spent too much time on youtoob watching their skits yesterday that they followed me into my dream lol and in my dream I was eagerly awaiting that email.. and it was so vivid that when I received it, the guys had to remind me I was dreaming and it hadn't really been sent... and then, a little time would pass and then they'd all chime in that I had received the long awaited msg... and here I'd wake up and realise it was all a dream.. I must've woken up at least 4 times during the night. Never being able to fall straight back to sleep. oy vay! The last time I woke up it was 5am, positive that I had received said msg. I tossed and turned, not capable of falling back asleep and when I couldn't take it anymore at 5:30am I finally got up to check my inbox... stoopid dream, I didn't get the msg... *sigh* and I still haven't... I'm falling off the edge of my seat waiting for it. geez...
But I've decided (something that didn't cross my mind last night), if this happens again tonight, I'm getting up, making myself a cup of coffee and then going back to bed. Coffee puts me out like a light, the stronger the better.. I only have instant so it can't be super strong, but it'll do, I'm sure!

On another note, I've been sending a lot of emails and scanning things these past 2 days. This is also what caused me to freeze a little while ago and wake me up some (I had been nodding off prior to scanning my mom's last "order", now I'm almost wide awake... with burning eyes).

As I tend to get side-tracked whenever doing just about anything lol I also scanned in a pic, totally non-related to the things I was supposed to scan for my mom :P it's mini me! lol my mom found a (very rare) pic of a little me lying around... so I scanned it in too! Without further ado, here be a 7 yr old lettuce bug ^-^

But yeah, preparations being made for my mom to buy my condo.. 'cause the notary ought to be calling me soon so I can go purchase a new condo.. I'll have to call him soon if he doesn't call me by the end of this week as the bank is going to start taking payments as of Feb. 22nd.
I'm sooo looking forward to moving!!! I've fallen in love with the new condo, it's so pretty and it's LEED-certified. It's a 4 1/2 and I have a walk-in closet!! woot! I'm turning it into a recording studio for my voice acting ^_^ *beams*

Awersome coolest as hell news!! Sonata Arctica is coming back here in April, I found out 2 days ago. I'm totally stoked!!! Already bought my ticket! Total awersomeness!!! They're my all-time favourite band! I'm sooo happy they're back, and so soon too.. they were just here last October *nods* but I'm happy they're back.

Well, there are my ramblings for today. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight, *crossing fingers* also hoping I get my long awaited msg tonight or in the VERY near future... the anticipation is starting to drive me bonkers!!

Nite all! *waves*

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