Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forever tonight

Here I am, sitting at my lappy just mosey-ing around listening to music. And it hits me "my moosic's crap!" lol well, not really, but I wanted something to sing along with, something even in French! Wow! it's been long since I've wanted to listen to a French song.. I have 1 currently on my lappy, but I wanted something else. So off I go to rummage through what I have. I didn't find the bulk of my cds but I did find the Marie Mai - Inoxydable cd. So, I was like "oh cool!" 'cuz my fav song "Encore une Nuit" is on it. (translation: One more night).
As I'm sitting here now, listening to it and singing along.. I start to tear up a bit, and y'know I kinda realize for the 1st time that I might like this song because I can relate to it. And really, that's kind of sad... because of the lyrics, because I've lived through the same thing... and because, well, yeah.. it's a touchy subject at the moment...

So, for those of you who've never heard of Marie Mai and therefore have never heard this song.. here are the lyrics (in French.... I'll add the English translation below it).

Endors-toi, petite.
J'te jure, demain tout ira mieux, bien sur.
Oublies ces paroles, oublies ces geste qui t'ont tant fait souffrir.

Endors toi, ma belle.
Je sais, le provoquer c'est pas c'que tu voulais.
Je sais tu l'aimes, tu n'as pas fait exprès.

Encore une nuit
Où tu es seule, accroupie dans ton lit.
Où tu as mal et tu n'as rien compris.
Ne t'en fais pas, je sais qu'il t'aime aussi.

Pourquoi c'est toi qui fini toujours dans ses bras,
À supplier de pardonner des gestes que t'as jamais posés.
Je sais, un jour,
Tu lui pardonneras à ton tour,
D'avoir cru que c'était d'l'amour;
D'avoir volé l'enfance que t'as toujours désirée.

Assis tout seul dans le salon, ton père marmonne ses illusions.
Il se fait croire qu'il a raison, qu'il n'a pas vu les bleus sur ton front.

Pourtant il a si mal.
Pourquoi est-ce si normal
De tant vouloir t'aimer et sans cesse te faire pleurer ?


Now the English translation:

Go to sleep, little one
I swear, tomorrow everything will go/be better, for sure.
Forget these words, forget these gestures that made you suffer so much.

go to sleep, my pretty.
I know, to provoke him is not what you wanted.
I know you love him, you didn't do it on purpose.

One more night
Where you're alone, crouched in your bed.
Where you're in pain and didn't understand anything.
Don't worry about it, I know he loves you too.

Why is it you who always ends up in his arms,
Begging for forgiveness for gestures you never made.
I know, one day, you'll forgive him in turn.
For believing it was love;
For stealing the childhood you always desired.

Sitting along in the livingroom, your dad mumbles his illusions.
Making himself believe that he's right, that he didn't see the bruises on your forehead.

Yet he's in so much pain,
Why is it so normal
To want to love you so much and without cease, making you cry?


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