Thursday, May 31, 2012


I get sidetracked often, this is common knowledge. So, when I was reading up on Necrotizing Fasciitis on wiki, I moseyed on over to reading about TSS (toxic shock syndrome).. where I learned of the "Rely" tampons (or as I like to call 'em harpoons).
This in and of itself was an EWWWWWW factor to me. I get wanting to give your customers what they want, but this is an example of going too far to please! 
"in August 1978, Proctor & Gamble introduced superabsorbent Rely tampons to the United States market in response to women's demands for tampons that could contain an entire menstrual flow without leaking or replacement."

How unhygienic! And gross! Imagine, to keep it in there during the whole of your cycle, for some people ranging anywhere from 4 days to a week (some even longer!) 

Forget TSS, I'm picturing blood clots of sorts, like dried crusted blood.. what if it were to get stuck? What if the string breaks? What if you forget it's in there. *shudders* I'd hate to see what other consequences can come out of it.

Forget all issues, could you imagine the smell??!? Some girls are accused of smelling like fish... this would make you smell like dead corpse Dx

Ok.. enough grossness talk. I just had to get that out of my system and fb didn't seem like an "appropriate" place to put it 

mwahahahahaha >:D

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