Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A little something.

So, I was looking through a friend's pictures on fb and came across one where a caption just jumped into my head. So I snagged said pic, let him know (was gonna tag him in it.. but now I can't - I'll get back to this..) and then pushed up my sleeves and went to work with mah photoshopping skillz =D

here's the finished product: 

The translation: "Here! You wanted to eat?!? Then eat!!!" hahaha I find it goes good together XD

anywho, back to why I couldn't tag said person.. 

as I was looking through some of his pictures, I hit a "wall" it said either the picture was no longer there, or that I no longer had access to pictures. I was a tad confused.. so I tried to access his profile. Nada. He not only unfriended me, he blocked me O.o 
Guess he didn't like me going through his pics.. *treads lightly* lol

a friend tells me my comments still show up on his wall.. weird. maybe it's yet another fb glitch *shrugs*

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