Saturday, June 23, 2012

So I stumbled across

this today:

It's like, the story of my life! LOL ugh. 

I took a random gravity check Wednesday night, and as painful as it was, I lived to tell the tale.

As I was coming out of the place we had our condo meeting at, I hadn't noticed there was a smaaaaall step. Thinking the ground was the same level, I didn't step down.. hurt my toe, twisted my good ankle, fell took a random gravity check, managing to scrap up my knees on 2 extremities (figure that one out), my right elbow, lower palm and ze finger between middle & pinkie on right hand  D8 
'Twas very painful! Crappy pics to follow:

left knee and by far the most painful! there's a nice big-arsed bruise under the scratch ;_;

right knee - barely noticeable, still a little pain & scratch marks, but nothing like the other knee

my elbow T-T there's a bruise there too, still nothing as bad as my left knee and it's started to heal up well. (it was the only part that was actually bleeding the day of my gravity test -_-)

for those who want to know what the shirt says:
"sad panda wants a hug (before he eats you)"

All this to say, that I've been home, indoors since Wednesday night... and I feel like I've been wasting away for over a week. I've been sleeping in a lot more, mainly because I had to get up earlier to get stuff done before my condo meeting and then still had to work after, so I lost sleep...and I was addictively watching a drama - episode after episode and going to sleep later, so waking up with not much time before my shift would start. 

But, if you've been following my other blog.. I've been trying to get into shape. Eat better, lose weight, do more exercise. But for the past 2 days I've done NOTHING and omg I've been feeling it Dx and I'm NOT liking the feeling. Today doesn't count as a day yet because I just finished my shift and haven't slept yet. But, I've decided that I don't care if my knee is still sore today, I'm going out for a walk anyways!! 

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