Thursday, April 11, 2013

here and there..

Looong time since I've posted! I am still alive, albeit not very consistent.
I'm going through another (almost) plague rat phase.. "almost" because I've had everything BUT the fever and deliriousness. Still, I don't recognize my voice anymore o~o not fun!
My new "diet" consists of chicken noodle soup and tea. Yum! As they say, you should get plenty of liquids and rest. The liquids I've got covered, the rest is another story.. I've been trying to get lots of rest but keep getting woken up by the urge to cough or er.. hork *bleh* 
A few asthma attacks later, I'm still here!! YAY!!

I went to T.O for Easter weekend and caught someone's bug on the way back -_- not cool. Especially because I won't be able to head up to Matane for my annual visit next weekend as this bug doesn't seem to be going away. Le pooey! Main reason I go up is to visit my grandmouman, but if I'm sick I can't go see her, 'cause I don't want to risk getting her sick. So, I'm having to re-arrange my plans a bit, to go up at a later date. 

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