Saturday, August 20, 2011

It was bound to happen..

I haven't been sleeping super well this week. I fall asleep, but wake up without a full good "night" of sleep. The only day I slept well was Wednesday and that was because I had been up since almost 8am Tuesday morning so my body was recuperating on lost sleep. Thursday I woke up early, Friday I slept late and woke up early.. So, as I took my 1hr nap from 5am-6am as I usually do when I haven't slept enough, I just never woke up. My alarm was set, it must've blared for 2hrs, I heard nothing. I supposed I slept so hard as my back was killing me and thus I slept flat on my back rather than on my side as I normally do. I think that contributed in some way to my sleeping deeper.. But I also know my body couldn't take the lack of sleep anymore. Thankfully I only have 1hr of work left after my 5am break, so I didn't miss that much work and it's usually fairly quiet Saturday mornings. So, I don't think I really gave my co-workers too much of a busy shift. Still, I feel horrible. If anyone knows me, they know I take my work seriously. I'm never late, hell if I need to be at the office I'd rather show up an hour and a half early instead of leaving so I get there 15mins before my shift starts. In the 5yrs I've worked there not once have I been late since starting on the floor.. I guess I could feel good at that, but I don't because I know this is going to go on my record and I'm still on trial for working from home... -_- I hope I didn't mess things up. Dx
What woke me up at 10:42am was Kayla, my kitty, meowing from behind the closed door.. Had she not mrowed for me, I think I'd still be sleeping.
I sent an email to my supervisors explaining what happened and one to my coworkers apologizing for my behaviour. I know that doesn't right a wrong, but I felt I needed to apologize regardless.
It's now 1:10pm, and obviously having slept for 5 1/2 hours I can't sleep =_= so much for catching up on sleep. Oh well, I did have to go out today.. guess I'll make the best of it and maybe I can catch some shut-eye upon my return.

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