Friday, August 19, 2011

When the wind blows

I've been wanting to write for soo long, but then my kitty chewed through my power cord and so I had to wait for a new one to get here. A whole week without my lappy T-T then I went camping and upon my return my new power supply was waiting for me in the mail. =) yay!! Just in time to start back at work! It's been a nice long week, I'm anticipating my weekend. I've been feeling really tired lately, I keep waking up too early and not falling back asleep which in turn makes me super sleepy once my shift ensues. I have to find a way, something that'll let me sleep longer otherwise I fear getting sick. =S I'd rather not turn back into a plague rat.. A month of that was more than enough for me, for like... the next 2 years!! I'd say longer, but we need to be realistic here =P

I think it might have something to do with the way I've been eating or rather the "what" that I've been eating. I've gone partly healthy but at the same time, there's still a lot of junk and crap left from my camping trip.. yup, I ate baaaaad while gone and I've been lazy on the getting back into the groove of things. Tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day, new leaf. I'd say today, but get this.. I'm too tired :S I'm actually just thinking of taking a nap before work, I think it'd do me good in the long run *nods*

Ok.. so I'll write again soonish. *nods*

Laterz, bug out! =D

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