Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exploring the unknown...

Is it weird that the first time I ate squash was on Oct 17th? No matter! The fact of the matter is that I've tasted it and now, am curious to taste those of which I have not.

My first time tasting butternut squash was when I stumbled upon a recipe in a very old magazine I had lying around that I just happened to pick up and flip through "butternut squash and rosemary soup with parsley yogurt" It sounded so good and it being Autumn, butternut squash is everywhere. So out I went to buy this funny looking squash and make this recipe that had me ever so curious. It was super nummy!

This week I decided that I wanted to try other squashes. I'm curious to how they taste but I also want to be eating healthier so think of it as killing 2 birds with 1 stone. They be some tasty birds mmmm

Tuesday, I decided I wanted to try another recipe with butternut squash. I made Hobakjuk following this recipe: I even made rice cake balls *is all proud of self*
The recipe called for 2 or 3 butternut squash, having only one at home, I went out to buy another. While I was out I also picked up a few more things. A spaghetti squash, an acorn squash and gingersnap cookies. My buddy Drago gave me his pumpkin goop (from the one he carved) and I'll be turning it into pumpkin cheesecake in a gingersnap crust nom nom nom the recipe looks delish! But, I digress.

Once home, I found out my biggest pot could only hold 1 squash and so I only used the one I already had, leaving me a spare butternut squash to experiment some more at a later time =D

There was so much leftover Hobakjuk that I ended having to freeze some, afterall, I live alone. I can't possibly finish it all in one week and not get tired of it. It's really good, but to eat it everyday might be a tad too much. I invited my mouman over so she could have some, she really liked it ^_^

I posted about my eagerness to experiment with squash on fb, and one of my friends noted that she likes roasting spaghetti squash with a bit of butter, salt & pepper and then just eating it like that. I decided, that would be my supper as I just happened to have a spaghetti squash (and well, I LOVE butter). *nods* I only made half of one as it was fairly big. Roasted it in the oven with butter, a little olive oil, herbal salt and freshly ground pepper. 35 mins later, my supper was done and I was salivating from the smell. So soothing. I can't believe I waited so long before trying squash, but I'm happy I finally did.

I also have an acorn squash and the perfect recipe for it. *drools just thinking about it* Doesn't that look sooo good? I can't wait to try it.

I'm really happy with this whole discovery because I've found a joy of cooking. It's sometimes hard to find that motivation to cook for myself, because it's just me that needs feeding. I know that when there's someone else here that I can cook for, I tend to feel more motivated to cook things. I kind of miss that. But I love discovering new things, and the fact that this includes food.. it gives me motivation to actually cook supper =3 Hopefully, once the winter squash season is gone, I'll be able to find other experiments I'll want to try.

Butternut squash and rosemary soup with parsley yogurt

Hobakjuk (Butternut squash porridge with rice cake balls)

Oven Roasted Spaghetti squash with butter, olive oil, herbal salt & freshly ground pepper

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