Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Being young is fun!

Ok so I hadn't done this in over a decade, but I guess you can count it as my "celebrating my youngness" mwahahaha
I just turned 31 although I don't feel a day over 4! (minus my old bones lol) I totally went trick or treating this year XD and OMG was it ever fun!!! I may have lied about my age, but isn't the whole thing of dressing up for Halloween pretending to be something you're not? So, it's all good =D Some guy asked me if I was 15, so I went with 15 1/2 mwahahahaha thank god no one asked me what year I was born in.. I'd have to do some seriously fast counting (I suck at math lol). It was loads of fun and I got me a bagful of candies. I didn't go alone, I went with my best friend lil' Drago. =3
We got some compliments for our costumes.. my buddy scared a few kids (big & small) lol
He was a really good Frank (from Donnie Darko), looming behind me, not speaking lol My costume was a blue Totoro gone wrong.. I named it "Pedo T" LOL but because nobody could guess what I was, I went to a Halloween party on Saturday and even there got soooo many different guesses. There was: penguin, badger, panda, kitty, donkey, bunny. With all the little kids hovering around, I figured saying my costume was a "Pedo T" might be slightly frowned upon.. So when asked I went with "a bunny and badge hybrid" lol It worked hahaha

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