Sunday, November 13, 2011

wafts of baked nummyness fill the air ♥

Another experiment of sorts =) My buddy Drago gave me his pumpkin goop so I could make something with it. Unfortunately, I only got it this week even though it's been removed over 3 weeks ago. I'm a tad iffy to it's wholeness so I did freeze it as I knew I could only make anything from it this weekend. I ended up defrosting it, but then realized he never separated the seeds. I was too lazy to do it haha so I bought a can of pumpkin puree instead and used that to make ze creation.

It smells soooooo good! I made pumpkin cheesecake. Now, I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie and I'm not a big fan of cheesecake, but this mixture *drools* it's AWERSOME!!

Here be the recipe:

At first, as I was mixing it, I thought once again there may be too much nutmeg - I found out when I made some spice cookies that nutmeg doesn't quite sit well with me, it's fine in poulet milk but not in baked goods (poulet [pronounced: pull-ehtt] milk is what I call eggnog because the name for it in French is "Lait de Poule" with is basically "chicken milk"). Anyhoo, I digress. Once I started mixing the spiced with the cream cheese, the nutmeg smell wasn't quite as strong and burning me nostrils and tasted rather good. Yes, I am guilty of licking batter!! =D

There's a nice sour cream topping that you bake just enough so it sets. Now it's in the process of slowly cooling. But my place smells soooo nice. It's really fun to bake, also very relaxing. Although, I'm sure there must not be another nut like me lol I started baking around 1:30am, it's now 4:47am and I still need to wait for it to cool down completely before putting it into the fridge. Were I to live alone, I could probably sleep for a bit, wake up in an hour or so and put it into the fridge. However, I live with a veeeerrry curious kitty who loves to lie down in things, I'm sure my pie tray would not be an exception. Thankfully, I'm not super tired, although I am getting there. Oh well, I'm off to watch another episode of "Nobuta wo Produce" to pass the time =3

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