Friday, August 3, 2012

so much fuurrrrrr Dx

I can't belieeeve how much fur has accumulated in under 1 week. I'm starting to think I should shave Kayla >8D naah she's tooo cute. Not to mention I'd come out with battle scars.. ya, shaving.. no bueno. 
Finishing off the guest room now (yes, yes me taketh break *nods*), then have to make a run to the post office (for the 3rd time this week), detour to can. tire, back home to re-organize crap, buy groceries, make nummy nums (unsure what yet..) all before 9pm for work.

Sandi comes tonight =D I haven't seen her since like the summer of '09.. she used to come every year, since before I was born. Didn't come in '10 because her car repairs were too costly.. a few months later they discovered a brain tumor.. it's been crazy for the past two years. =( really scary. She's doing a bit better now, though her immune system is barely existent. So things must be spic and span for when she gets here. *nods* Wouldn't want her to get sick while here. nope nope.

So, ya. Her plane gets here around 1am, meaning she'll probably get here around 2am latest. Depends how long it takes to pick up her luggage. It's like super well timed, I specifically took these 2 weeks off for lil' Drago's operation and now Sandi's coming, same time =D mwahahaha Last time she came, I had to work, so I barely saw her. So I'm reeeeealllyyy eager! 

Anyhoo.. can you tell I'm happy she's coming? 

On a side note.. I still have to prepare for lil' Drago's op. Not so much for the op itself, mainly the recovery time. I'm making him loads of noms he can freeze, 'cause he's not supposed to be up and moving around after the op. 
I'm going with him to the hospital but it's unsure (still) if his dad'll still be here to bring him home or if I have to go bring him back. I have no problems bringing him back, afterall, that's what was originally planned. But his dad's actually coming up for support, and if he can give him a lift home afterwards it'd be more convenient than having to cab it back. *nods*

Alrighty enough blabbing, time to get back to work. 

toodles ~ bugs

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