Sunday, August 19, 2012


Just something to do for fun =)

1. Put your music player on shuffle
2. For each question, press the "next" button to get an answer
3.You have to write the name of the song (without the artist's name), no matter how stupid it sounds.

1. If someone tells you "it's alright", you say:
Donde Voy

2. What do you like in the opposite sex?
Appunti e Note

3. What best describes your personality?
Cry For The Moon

4. How do you feel right now?
Words I Never Said

5. What's the point of your life?
Never Too Late

6. What is your dilemma? 
Holy Night

7. What do your friends think about you?
Piece of Heaven

8. What is the most on your mind?
How Did I Fall In Love With You

9. How much is 2+2?
It Has To Be You

10. What do you think of your best friend?
Just Please

11. What does your bf/gf think of you?
Stay Forever

12. What do you think about the one you love?
Party Rock Anthem

13. What is the irony in your life?
Spring Breeze

14. What would you like to be later on?
Because of You

15. What do you think about the one you love, when you see him/her?

16. What do your parents think of you?

17. What song will you dance to on your wedding day?
You Got What I Need

18. What song will play at your funeral?
La Fée

19. What is your hobbie?
Piu Bella Cosa

20. What is you biggest secret?

21. Who has hurt you?
Pidä Kädestä

22. What do you think about your friends?
Koe Wo Kikasete 

23. How are you in bed?
One Time [hahahahaha]

24. Are you going to have kids?
Moonlight Punch Romance

25. Are you in love?
You Got Growing Up To Do

26. The last time you cried, what was the reason behind it?

27. How are you going to die?
She's Crazy

28. What is the thing you are never going to regret?
Everlasting Friend

29. The one thing you will regret?

30. What makes you laugh?
Wait A Long Time

31. What makes you cry?
I Love You

32. Would you ever get married?

33. What are you scared of?
Roly Poly

34. Does someone like you?

35. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Nije Vise Tvoja Stvar

36. What reminds you of the one you love?
Winter's Child

37. Which song would you sing for him/her?

38. Who/what is hurting you right now?

39. What is going to be the name of this post?

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